Artefakts Investigation Review 11-4-23

I’ve been fascinated with this grand building since I first moved to New Harmony almost eight years ago. It sits on Main Street, nestled between an assortment of other elaborate, historic buildings. They remind me of fancy wedding cakes, stacked side by side.

For the first seven years I was here, the building was known as the Antique Doll Shop and was filled with shelf after shelf of dolls. The shop was seldom open, serving more as a place for a personal collection than an actual public store. I managed to find it when it was open twice during those seven years and nearly fell over myself in my hurry to get inside to look.

The interior was everything I’d hoped for. It had tall swooping ceilings, colorful stained glass windows and built-in mahogany book cases absolutely brimming with dolls of every shape, size and color. And best of all, it had ghosts!

I felt them swirling around me, drawn by my energy, intrigued to be presented with someone who could actually sense them. I tried to imagine what it would be like for them to be trapped inside a building that was locked up most of the time, providing them with little interaction with the living. It seemed like a sad existence.

Fast forward to the summer of 2023. According to the local grapevine, the building had been sold and new owners would soon be opening a shop there. We heard it was a woodworking store, an antique store and a bevy of other possibilities. My friends and I would stalk the store-front nightly after our ghost walks, peering in the windows to see what had been added. It started with a few oddities: a holographic face pressed into a block of glass, a ceremonial gong, a tribal mask. We were hooked. And then, much to our elation, the business opened on July 4th weekend.

I walked in the day they opened and was greeted warmly by Pat and Theresa, who own the store. They’ve been collecting these artifacts for decades and were happy to find the perfect place to showcase them. It was almost as though the store was built for them.

I walked around taking in all the fascinating items. In one room there are showcases and bookshelves filled with sculptures, jewelry, and other collectables. Another room houses musical instruments, while the room adjacent to it is filled with interesting furniture pieces, much of it, mid-century modern. There’s a hallway filled with clocks of every shape imaginable. It’s a delight to be there on the hour to listen to all of them chime simultaneously. And then there are the intriguing pieces mixed in. There’s a ship’s maidenhead that looks like a mermaid hanging in the front window. There are two life-size, wooden Native American sculptures greeting you at the doorway and large metal fighter planes hanging from the ceiling. It’s the kind of store you could spend hours in, just taking it all in.

They’ve been following me on Facebook for a while, so they knew who I was and what I do. When I asked them if I could walk around and see what I felt, they were intrigued. And trust me when I say this, I was beyond excited.

There is second floor above the first floor that isn’t open to the public. One room, which is partially finished, contains more furniture and collectible items that don’t fit in the store, along with Pat’s extensive bonsai collection. Another room, which is long and narrow, reminds me of the space required for a bowling alley. This room is unfinished, unheated and doesn’t have any lighting. Both rooms were absolutely buzzing with energy.

I went back to the room with the furniture and bonsai and just sat for a moment, allowing the ghosts to come closer. It almost reminded me of befriending animal shelter dogs. I just sat in the silence and allowed them to get used to me. After a few moments, I opened myself up and began my psychic sweep. When I do this, I often write in a notebook, recording the words, images and phrases that come to my mind. They were eager to communicate.

The first ghost I encountered was a trim women in her late thirties. She was dark haired and self-contained. I wasn’t certain if she was educated, but I instinctively knew she was smart and level headed. I saw her in plain clothing:  a long skirt with a tight waist, long sleeved blouse and a scarf around her neck. Her dark hair was pulled up onto her head, but was escaping in thick, curly tendrils. She had kind eyes and a playful manner. I’m not good at intuiting names, so I didn’t even try. I just let her know I was aware of her and then opened my mind to the other ghost in the room.

This one was a male. He seemed somewhat distant from the woman, although I felt they were connected, maybe even married. There seemed to be some strife between them, but I wasn’t certain what it was. He was tall and dark-haired, dressed in a suit and tie. Both of them presented themselves as being from the early 1900’s era.

When I walked into the “bowling alley room,” I felt a distinctly different energy. The occupants here were frightened and unsettled. They reminded me of immigrants, hiding out in the shadows, afraid to be discovered. Unlike the man and woman next door, they often went without basic necessities. I wanted to help them, but something about them frightened me just a little. Mixed in with the sadness was more than a hint of anger. They weren’t necessarily hostile, but they weren’t keen on my presence either.

At a later date, I went in one evening to video the building as the last of the daylight was draining from the sky. The building truly comes to life in the faltering shadows. The various lights highlight the high ceilings and the magnificent woodwork. It gives the building a sense of mystery, something that brings out the beauty and personality of the space.

I walked up to the second floor to the room with the furniture and the bonsai. I began thinking of this space as the living room. It felt like a room where you could curl up on one of the sofas with a good book and a magnificent bird’s eye view of the town below you.

The Spirit Box is one of my favorite tools for paranormal investigating. It scans rapidly through the channels, allowing the ghosts in the building to speak through the white noise. When it works, it’s phenomenal. Sometimes we’ll get full sentences of intelligent responses to our questions. But when it doesn’t work, it’s irritating to hear the chop-chop-chop sounds as it moves through the channels.

This time it worked beautifully. I began talking to a man named Don. He felt somewhat suave and polished: a bit of a flirt. He was someone who was used to getting his way and was handsome enough to always capture the attention of the women around him. Was this the man I connected with before? I thought it might be. Without the female there, he was more gregarious and outgoing.

“Do you remember my name?” I asked.

“What’s that?” he asked, almost coyly.

It occurred to me that, even though I’ve been up there before, I’ve never properly introduced myself. I spoke with him for a few minutes, having a full-on conversation. To listen to the entire conversation, click HERE

Joni’s Sessions

First Session (Yellow Group)

I conducted a spirit box experiment on the second floor. After introducing themselves, we got started right away. It only took thirty seconds before we got our first clear response.

I asked who was there with us and a voice responded, “Emily.” Emily would play a major role in the night’s investigation.

I asked if there was anybody else, and a man with a deep voice said, “No.” This made us all laugh.

When asked how old she was, a female voice said, “for the ninety.” At the time, we thought she said, “From the nineties.” We weren’t certain if she was from the 1890s or the 1990s.

Someone asked if she was tied to a certain artifact there and a male voice said, “Big hat.”

There was a cabinet filled with old hats beside us. Someone asked if they could lead us to which hat it was and the male voice once again said, “Big hat.” This was pretty phenomenal. If, per chance, we were picking up on a radio station, the spirit box had already moved past that station. There’s no way the same voice could be on the radio, saying the exact same thing.

“Emily, what kind of hat?” someone asked. It was quickly answered with, “Wicket.” There were a few wicker hats on the rack.

As the next person was trying to phrase his question, a voice said, “What do you need?” He sounded friendly, but a bit impatient. I can imagine they would be exasperated with us. Some of them might have attempted to communicate with the living for decades. Imagine being invisible and not being able to talk or be heard?

We kept hearing the word “hat” in their responses, which was strange. What was it with the hats?

We asked another round of questions and really didn’t get any clear responses, so I decided to turn the spirit box off. I wanted to utilize the psychic medium we had in this group. Ashley Morrow has been to a few of our investigations and always blows us away with her impressions. I’ve worked with a lot of psychic mediums and she’s, hands down, one of the best. I asked her what she was feeling.

She was picking up on female energy at the back corner. She felt she was from the 1800s. I asked if she was Emily and Ashley looked up at where she was standing. “She said yes,” she told us.

We were curious if Emily was Amish, based on the wicker hat, but Ashley didn’t think she was Amish. She was tied to an item. “She’s saying hat,” Ashley told us.

I, too, am a medium and was also feeling a female energy. I’ve felt her there before and mentally see her as a dark haired woman in her thirties. The era I felt she was from was more of the early 1900s. I’ve always felt as though she lived there and worked there, possibly owning a business with her husband.

We asked Ashley to use the dowsing rods to answer a few questions the group had about Emily. We asked for her to point to where she was standing and the rods pointed towards the doorway, which is exactly where she spotted her earlier.

We asked her to point to the hat she was tied to and the rods directed us to a hat on a middle shelf. It was a wicker hat, but was more of a man’s hat. I looked at the inside of the hat and it was a newer hat. It really didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t old enough to belong to someone from the 1800s to early 1900s.

Ashley was also picking up on male energy on the opposite end of the room.

  • Is there a male behind me? Yes
  • Is he connected to Emily? No
  • Will you talk to us over the spirit box? Yes

We moved back to the spirit box to see if he was a man of his word. We were getting a lot of half answers or things that kind of sounded like a response, but upon review, it wasn’t anything significant.

After a lengthy period of time, we finally heard something interesting. “Emily,” a female voice said without benefit of a question. We attempted to pursue this small lead, but didn’t receive any further information.

One of the guests had his own KII, which measures electromagnetic energy that is sometimes affiliated with the presence of ghosts. It kept spiking. When we asked if they could get closer to it and make it light up to red, a faint voice said, “Blue.” While blue isn’t one of the colors on the KII’s array, it is an actual color. It demonstrated the fact that they were aware of what we were saying.

I was trying to remember who I spoke with when I came to the building alone and did a “promo” with my spirit box. I came in a few weeks before the investigation and filmed myself using the spirit box. I had a lively conversation with a charming man. After some searching, I finally found the video I posted to Facebook and listened for the man’s name. It was Don. He had a pretty suave voice. I asked Ashley if that sounded like the man who was on the other side of the room and she thought so.

I had Ashley bring the spirit box over to the area where she was feeling him. As soon as she got in place, I told her his name is Don. Immediately, a male voice – the same male voice we’d been hearing – said, “Howdy.”

It was a short-lived conversation. After his initial greeting, we didn’t get anything else, so I had Ashley use the dowsing rods again. She confirmed that Don was there and he was standing in the back corner.

The session ended and the group moved on to the next location. Little did I know, this group would end up with a story that grew with every session.

Second Session (Red Group)

Sometimes, the ghosts in the building will follow the strongest psychic medium for the evening instead of remaining in place to see who else shows up. Unfortunately, for the other three groups, this is pretty much what happened for the rest of the evening. While the other groups did have interesting interactions with other ghosts in the building, the two strongest ones continued to follow.

I didn’t tell them anything about the first session. I wanted them to experience it for themselves and see if they got the same names and interactions.

As soon as I got started, we got our first response. I was just informing the ghosts in the room that I brought a new group in to talk to them. A male voice quickly said, “Okay.”

I asked if anyone was still there from the first session and a woman promptly told me something I’d soon learn on my own. “They left,” she said, which was absolutely true. When you read the section on Traci’s sessions, you see that Don and Emily followed the Yellow Group. Thankfully, there were still other ghosts there to communicate with.

Unfortunately, not all of them were as cordial as the woman. When Deb asked how many of them were there with us, a man responded with, “Get out!” We didn’t hear it at the time, which was probably a good thing. Some of the guests might have been uneasy hearing that.

Without a question to prompt it, a woman said, “Red jacket.” It’s not overly clear, especially the “jacket” portion, but I clipped it because it would become a theme for the night. While we were discussing it, another female ghost said it again. “Red coat,” she said. We didn’t hear it at the time. It was spoken quickly and had to be slowed down by 80% to be clearly understood.

I was curious about this, so I stopped the spirit box session and moved to dowsing rods. I had Heather use them because she’s been on many of our investigations and is quite good at using them.

  • Is red your favorite color? No answer
  • Is green your favorite color? No answer
  • Do you like the red hat over there? No answer
  • Do you like the hat on the table? No answer
  • Are you a man? No

I had her walk over to the other side of the room where Ashley sat earlier.

  • Is there a woman here? Yes
  • Was there a man here too? Yes

I asked her to have the rods to point to where the woman was standing and they pointed towards the doorway where she’d been earlier

She asked the rods to point to where the man was standing and they pointed straight ahead of her

  • Is this your favorite room in the building? No

I asked the mediums in the group what they were feeling. Deb felt it felt “present” and there were more than one. Matt was next. He said he felt overwhelmed and a little anxious, like there was a large crowd there. I then told them what we picked up on the last session.

Deb informed us that one of the owners of the bookshop died of a heart attack in the building. Another person said she felt chest pressure. She also said that Bob, the man who died, had a daughter named Emily. It was interesting that we’d been hearing the name Emily all night.

We turned the spirit box on and kept hearing the world “old.” I asked if they thought we were old and then corrected myself, telling that we were young. A woman’s voice came through (faintly) and said, “That’s true.”

They kept getting the word “red” across the spirit box. I mentioned that my flashlight had a red light and immediately heard a woman say, “Light.” It shows they are aware of us and can hear us talk.

Then, without benefit of a question, a man told us to “record this.”

The rest of the session was nonproductive. The group headed to their next session.

Third Session (Blue Group)

The group came in talking about the color red. They were getting a lot of responses with the color red in their last two sessions. They thought it might be due to the young man named Ace. Ironically, Ace was wearing a red jacket. They said they heard Ace’s name and also his mother’s name, Stacey. She said she was holding the purse and asked if she could have it and they told her she was “too young.”

I started feeling the floor bouncing beneath me and brought it to the group’s attention. Nobody was moving, but it continued to happen. I hadn’t felt it in either of my last two sessions.

We turned on the spirit box and got started. We went around the room and introduced ourselves and got an immediate intelligent response when I asked what their names were. A man said, “Joseph” very clearly.

We went around, asking more questions. Someone asked, “What’s your name?” A male voice answered, “Joni.” It’s not the first time I’ve heard my name spoken by a ghost, but it hasn’t happened in a while, so I was surprised.

There were a lot of “yups” coming over the box. They asked if he was the one who was sitting next to Ace and it said “yup.”

They asked if Joe was there, if he’d come up with them, not knowing we got a response from a Joseph at the beginning of the session.

I asked them what town we were in and a male voice said, “town hall.”

Someone in the group was feeling like there was something surrounding a stuffed monkey sitting in a chair. This was the second time this had happened during the evening. I asked the owners about the monkey and she said it belonged to her son when she was a child. Perhaps one of the ghosts liked it too?

I walked over to Traci’s group to take pictures for a moment. While I was gone, they were hearing the same female voice come through. Theresa asked her if she had something she wanted to tell them and she said, “bring everyone.” When Theresa asked what her name was, she said, “Marsea.”

Several of them began feeling a cold spot between them and wondered if something was standing there. At that point, we began feeling the floor moving again.

Several people in the group were drawn to a photo of a woman on a shelf behind me. They asked for her name and it kind of sounded like “Haley.” I later learned it was a photograph of Rebecca, who owns Just Looking, a store across from Artefakts.

They thought they were hearing “red” again, but upon review, it was actually saying “Rick.” There was a Rick there during my pre-investigation session. We didn’t get anything else for the rest of the session.

Fourth Session (Orange Group)

I always feel badly for the last group of the night. By this time, we’ve usually worn out the ghosts in the building and they’ve already drifted into their respective corners to recuperate. This wasn’t necessarily the case this time though.

We got our first hit as we were introducing ourselves. In between people, a male voice told us, “I think it’s cool.”

When asked if they like to look out the windows, a male voice said, “We do.”

Someone asked how many people were in the room and a faint voice said, “Seven.” There were ten living people there. Did that mean there were seven ghosts?

A guest asked if they liked this room and a male voice said, “I don’t love you.” Well then… I’d be offended, but I’ve found that it’s better when the ghosts aren’t too attached to you.

I asked one of my standard questions, geared towards knowing if they can actually see us. “How many fingers am I holding up?” I asked. A voice immediately said, “Three.”

One of the guests remarked that she kept seeing something passing behind her (the light seemed to change). This was something that was ongoing all night.

Someone asked if they liked to read and there was a faint “no.”

At that point, something weird happened to my recorder. Everything recorded in double speed. I couldn’t even slow it down with my editing program. I tried to listen to the remaining seven minutes, but didn’t hear anything that jumped out at me. Was it the ghosts? Were they tired of talking to us or was it an equipment malfunction. I guess we’ll never know.

Traci’s Sessions

Traci was using the Estes Method in her sessions. Participants would be connected to the Spirit Box with headphones and wore a blindfold. The rest of the group would ask questions and the participant would call out what they heard come through the headphones. Many times, participants go into a channeling state and begin seeing images.

She was in an unfinished room on the second floor. This is the creepiest room in the building and has a definite vibe.

First Session (Red Group)

Unfortunately, the digital recorder malfunctioned at the beginning of the session and didn’t record. I do know that someone in the group felt pressure on her chest during the Estes session. Someone else felt their hair parting in the back.

Second Session (Yellow Group)

After they introduced themselves, they started the session. Ashley was the first to start.

Q: Can you tell us your name?

A: Hi

Q: Can you tell us your name?

A: Don

Q: Don, what’s your last name?

A: Moved

Q: Did something move?

A: Behind her. I’m behind her?

Q: Behind who? What color shirt are they wearing?
Q: Are you behind me?

A: No

Q: Are you behind me (Traci)?

A: Close

A: She saw me

Q: Who is she?

A: I can see her. She sees me.

Q: Can you tell us her name?

A: Ashley

Q: Do you like Ashley?

A: I worked here

Q: how long ago did you work here?

A: Shady

A: What I did was shady

Q: How was it shady? What did you do?

A: Work

Q: Did you steal?

A: Trouble with law?

Q: Did you get caught?

A: No

Q: Are you tied to something you stole?

A: Can’t tell

Q: Is it still in this building?

A: Before

Q: Are you from New Harmony? Were you here in the 1920’s

A: My wife

A: She helped me

Q: Were you bootlegging?

A: No

Q: Were you bank robbers?

A: Doesn’t matter. She had a boyfriend.

Q: is the money in the safe in the other room?

Q: Who had a boyfriend?

A: no

Q: Did you work as a teller at the bank?

A: yes

Q: were you upper management at the bank?

A: Yes

Q: Were you the president of the bank?

A: Absolutely

Q: Did you embezzle at the bank?

A: yes

Q: Was your wife the one who had a boyfriend?

A: yes. She was shady

A: She’ll see

Q: What will she see?

A: How I was better

Q: Better at what?

A: Husband

Q: You were a better husband that someone else?

A: Yes

Q: What was her name

A: Emily

Q: Did you know the guy she was having an affair with?

A: yes

Q: was he one of your friends?

A: yes

 Q: did you do something about it?

A: I did

Q: What did you do?

A: What do you want?

Q: We just want to know what happened? What do you want?

A: For her to forgive

Q: Fair enough. Have you asked her?

A: Maybe

A: It’s hard

Q: Why is it hard to ask for forgiveness?

A: No

Q: Then what’s hard? Can you tell us what was hard?

A: No

A: It would ruin me

Q: Why would it ruin you?

A: Respecting

Q: Was your hat in the other room?

A: couldn’t find me

Q: What does she need to forgive you about?

A: Ran

Q: Who ran?

 A: I ran

Q: Why did you run?

A: Trouble

Q: What kind of trouble?

A: nothing

Q: were you scared?

A: Hide

Q: were you afraid someone was going to be upset with you?

A: I did

Q: Did anyone find out? Did Emily find out?

A: I’m here

Q: Where’s Emily? Did you have a child together?

A: Emily?

Q: yes. Did you have a child together? Is that child here?

A: Husband

Q: Did Emily have another husband?

A: She tried

Q: Is that when you did something bad?

A: Unfortunately

Q: Is he here too?

A: Yes

Q: What’s his name? Is that his hat in the next room?

A: No

She felt pressure on her chest during the session. The next person donned the headphones.

A: Zero

Q: Is Emily here?

A: What do you want?

Q: What happened with you and Don?

A: It’s a secret

Q: You can tell us. Is this Don’s friend? Was there a child involved?

A: Little

Q: A little girl?

Q: Who are we speaking with?

A: In

Q: In from what?

A: hidden place

Q: Where is there a hidden place?

A: Secret

Q: Why is it a secret?

A: Secret

Q: Don, did they ever find out what you did at the bank?

A: They’ll find out

Q: Did Emily work at the bank?

A: yes

Q: Did you and Emily leave because something illegal happened at the bank?

A: Planned. One night.

Q: Did this used to be the bank?

A: Watched

Q: Was Emily watched

A: Watched bank

They pulled him out of the session. He was shaking. He said he felt really sad. Was hearing someone whispering and was seeing visions of the past. He saw Emily looking out the bank windows while Don was messing with the safe. He felt like there was a lover’s quarrel.

The next person (Mindy) put on the headphones and they started again.

Q: Do Emily and Don have a child? Is Don still here?

A: Calculate

Q: Did Emily have to calculate how to get Don into the bank at night?

Q: Do you want to talk about something else? Is Emily in here too?

A: Hope

Q: Hope about what? Don, did your friend know what was happening at the bank?

A: Red

Q: What’s red? Is it a name?

A: Morgan

Q: Who’s Morgan?

Q: Don, were you friends with a lot of men in town?

A: Maybe

Q: Did you know AC Thomas

A: Daddy

Q: Was AC Thomas your father? Did you know Elmer Elliott? How about Alfred Ribeyre, the corn king? Did you know any of the Owen family?

A: Random

Q: Can you tell us the year you were here?

A: Mustache

Q: Did you have a mustache? Was Morgan your friend you were trying to keep a secret from? Is Morgan here with us?

A: Loud

Q: What’s loud?

A: Baby

Q: Was your baby loud a lot?

A: Was eight

Q: Was your child’s name Morgan? Was your child eight?

A: Murky

Q: Did something happen to your child? Was there an accident?

They stopped the session. She said something kept touching her hand. She felt the pressure on her chest. The man who did the previous session said he felt a female’s sadness.

Third Session (Orange Group)

After a brief explanation about how the Estes Method works, they got started. After introducing themselves, they got started.

Q: Can you tell us your name?

A: Airport

Q: Did you work in an airport? Do you like to fly? Are you glad we’re here? Are you male or female? Is anyone up here with us that wants to talk? Do you have a family? Are you from New Harmony? Do you like to look out the windows? Do you stay upstairs or can you go downstairs?

Traci pulled him out of the session because he wasn’t getting anything. The next person took his place.

Q: Do you want to talk with us now? Is there a reason why you aren’t talking to us now?

A: Hey

Q: There you are! Can you tell me something about yourself? Did you work in this building?

A: How

Q: Did you work in the bookstore? Are there a lot of distractions other than our conversations?

A: Some

A: Good

Q: Is it good where you are? Is that what you mean? Have you met God? Are you trapped here?

A: No

Q: Are you alone? Is there anyone else with you? Do you wish you could go party with the group down the street? (You can literally hear screaming from the wedding down the street on the recorder) Do all the weddings get on your nerves? Is there someone in the room you’d like to talk to? Is it difficult for you to talk to us?

A: A little

Q: Why?

A: Forty-one

Q: Is that how old you are?

A: yeah

Q: Are you a male? Are you a woman?

A: Man

Q: Were you married?

They pulled her out of the session. She felt like her hair was parting in the back. This was the same as the first group. She also felt like someone was standing behind her. The next person took her place.

Q: We have someone else listening. Would you like to keep talking to us? How do you feel about the music?

A: I hear music

Q: Are you playing music for her? What kind of music do you like? Is there anything we can do for you? Are you with people you love? Downstairs, we were told we should be afraid of one of you. Are you the one we should be afraid of? Is there anyone you’re afraid of? Is there anything you want to tell us?

A: It’s behind

Q: What’s behind?

A: Next

Q: Are you next to her? Can you give us a clear sign you’re here with us?

A: Fancy

Q: Do you like playing with people’s hair?

A: Awake

Q: Do you do it to keep them awake?

She pulled the mask off and the next person took her place (a male).

Q: someone new is listening. Do you want to keep talking to us? (Joni walked in the room to take pictures, so Traci did the pie question. She went around the room and had everyone announce their favorite kind of pie. Sometimes it generates responses from the dead.

A: Ballroom

A: Spirit

Q: Is there a spirit here or are they drinking spirits (at the very loud wedding)?

Q: What is your favorite kind of pie (they finished the pie question)? Are you aware of the other spirits?

A: Is it here?

Q: Sorry. We don’t have any pie.

Q: Do you get tired? Is it harder to be in the spirit world? Or was it harder to be alive?  Do you want to go to the party next door? Are you sad right now? Do you have any hobbies?

Traci made a connection: the spirits there seemed to like to talk to women more than men. Most of the men didn’t get very many responses.

A: Wait

Q: What are we waiting for?

A: Favorite

Q: Do you have a favorite in this room right now? We’re going to be shutting this down soon. Is there anything you want to tell us?

There was no response, so they pulled him out of the session. He said he felt something touch his collar. He couldn’t make out what they were saying most of the time. He would get pieces of what they were saying, but not enough to clearly make it out.

Fourth Session (Blue Group)

After Traci explained how the Estes Method worked, they introduced themselves and got started. Teresa was the first participant.

Q: Can you tell us what your name is? Is there anyone up here who wants to talk to us?

A: Murder

A: Always

Q: Always murder. What do you mean by that? Did you do something bad to somebody?  Did the little girl come upstairs with us? Is there anyone in the room with us? What is your name? (one of the guests saw the exit sign completely black out. It would have been something very tall to block it out)

Q: Why were you by the exit sign? What did you use this room for? Did you live here? (The group heard a whisper from behind them. They all heard it.) Are you here with us?

A: Glad I came home

Q: Is this your home? Did Ace’s friend from downstairs come up here? Did we see you back by the exit sign? Can you tell Teresa we saw you? Can you tell Teresa your favorite color? Are you the one who was downstairs with us?  Is your name Haley?

Teresa took off the headphones and the next person (Ace) took her place.

Q: How do you feel about the music you hear playing? Do you like it? Are the ghosts from the gym partying tonight?

A: Raindrop. Someone.

Q: Yes. These buckets are from raindrops. (the roof leaks and there are buckets)

Q: They started the pie question again. Someone from the group (Jodi) remembered us doing it years ago.

A: They. Someone. Right now.

Q: Someone right now, what?

Q: Did someone else come into the room? Do you want to talk to the boy in the red shirt (Ace)?

A: Red. Still cold.

Q: Are you standing beside the guy in the red shirt?

A: Around

Q: You might like the boy in the red shirt, but you can’t go home with him. You won’t be welcomed.

Traci noted that a younger woman just came into the room who was very strong. Another participant asked if she had curly black hair. Traci thought she might have dark hair. Mid to late 20s.

Q: Is there someone who can walk across the laser grid and show yourself? Did Joe come up with us? Could you knock on the wall or floor and let us know you’re here?

A: Baby. No. Something.

Q: Did the monkey used to belong to the baby? (I must have missed something here. What monkey?)

Q: Is the girl still with us? Is there someone who won’t let you talk?

A: Talk

Q: is this the little girl from downstairs?

They pulled Ace out of the session. He said he kept hearing a “psst” sound, like someone was trying to get his attention. He also felt a tap. He kept hearing a deep voice he couldn’t understand. They put the next person in.

A: Help

Q: What’s wrong? Why do you need help? Were you attacked? Did someone take your toy? Are you stuck here?

A: Whisper

Q: That was you that whispered?

A: Kids

Q: Are the kids whispering?

A: More of them

Q: Are there a lot of kids here? Do you have a secret?

A: Shaking

Q: Did the kids get to play?

A: Sick. Cough! Right here.

Q: Was the kids bedroom or playroom?

A: Sick

Q: What were they sick with?

A: Cough. Sick (she noted they were saying sick over and over)

Q: Was it consumption?  We’re sorry you were sick.

A: Bedroom

Q: Did you have to stay in your bedroom because you were sick?

A: down. Just stay.

Q: Do you want us to stay?

A: Kill those.

Q: no thanks

A: Murder

Q: Did someone get murdered? Did someone hurt the kids?

A: Across. Cough.

Q: Were you talking about the saloon across the street? Or the pharmacy across the street?

A: cold

Q: What kind of medicine did they give you?

A: Stuck

Q: Are you stuck?

A: Open

Q: Do you need us to open something?

(she said they kept saying stuck over and over again)

A: Pain

She pulled the headphones off and said she’d had enough. She said it was really loud. It said her name and then there was a deep roar.

Traci told the ghosts they were not allowed to go home with anyone, but thanked them for talking with them.

Whistling Rick’s Sessions

Whistling Rick held a dowsing rod session in the main floor room to the left of the doorway. The room is filled with interesting furniture, lamps and oddities.

First Session (Blue Group)

  • Did you work in the building? Yes
  • Were you here when it was a hardware store? Was it a paint store? Were you here when it was a bookstore? Yes
  • Is there a little girl in this building? No
  • Did you work here? No
  • Did you live in New Harmony? No
  • Did you come here with one of the antiques? Yes
  • Are you attached to any of the furniture in this room? Yes
  • Can you point to the piece of furniture you’re attached to? No response
  • Did you live for a long time in New Harmony? Yes
  • Did you have a family? No
  • Are you a male? No
  • So, you’re a female? No response

An angel hanging in the window suddenly started moving. It spun slowly in one direction and then stopped.

  • Are you making the angel turn? No
  • Is another spirit making the angel turn? Yes

Another guest had a strange experience with a vintage pocketbook in the other room several weeks ago. She felt drawn to it and came into the store after seeing it in the window. She was inexplicably drawn to it and felt it nearly vibrate with energy. We later found out it came with the building.

  • Are you the same spirit who had the purse? No answer
  • Are you a child? Yes
  • Did a woman suffer in this building at some point? Yes
  • Is there a little girl in this building somewhere? Yes
  • Was the little girl playing with the angel? No
  • Was there a woman here who was punished? Yes
  • Do you go room to room to visit all the people? Yes
  • Do you use the mirrors to move? Yes
  • Are you by the mirror? No answer
  • Are you on the couch? Yes
  • Was there a woman in here who was tortured? Yes. Rick shut down this line of questioning, telling her we didn’t want to get into her worse aspects of her life.
  • Are you in this room with us right now? At this point, I hear a woman screaming, “Get down! Get down?” While there was a noisy wedding going on just down the street, we weren’t hearing any sounds from them in the furniture room. Was it a disembodied voice of a dead woman or was it someone from the wedding? We’ll probably never know.
  • Does more than one spirit live here? Yes
  • Are there more than five spirits who live here? No
  • Do you hate the Spice Girls (they could hear the music)? No answer
  • Do you ever visit the buildings across the street? Yes
  • Were you ever involved with the Centennial Saloon? Yes
  • Were you there when we did an investigation there several years ago? Yes
  • Is this a 15 story building? (he throws in deliberate “no” answers to make sure the rods aren’t just giving “yes” answers. The answer was “no.”
  • Are you still in here? Yes
  • Are you visiting the other rooms? No

Second Session (Orange Group)

  • Are you in the room with us right now? Yes
  • Are you originally from New Harmony? Yes
  • They asked if they could point to where they were in the room and Rick reported that it pointed to the same area as the last group
  • Rick brought it to the group’s attention that the angel in the window was spinning again
  • Are you attached to an object in the room? Yes
  • Are you attached to that angel? No answer
  • Are you free to leave this building? Yes
  • Are you happy? No answer
  • Is there more than one spirit here with us? Yes
  • Do you know each other? Yes
  • Are you and the other spirits related? Yes
  • Is your mother or father here? Yes
  • Did you live together as a family? Yes
  • Were any of you born in New Harmony? Yes
  • Did you know Father Rapp? Yes
  • Did you know Robert Owen? No
  • Do you get tired of the weddings in New Harmony? No
  • Do you know about the tunnels that run under the street? Yes This is an interesting factoid. Decades ago, tunnels ran under the street from the Centennial Saloon to the Artefakts building. We aren’t sure why, but there are doorways in the basement, facing each other.
  • Do you know the spirits upstairs? Yes
  • Should we be afraid of any of the spirits here? Yes
  • Do you know how to play any of the instruments in the next room? Yes
  • Do you ever go to the old Oddfellow’s building? Yes

Third Session (Yellow Group)

  • Don, did you follow us from upstairs? Yes
  • Is Emily here too? no

There was an entire soap opera story going on here. It started with their first session on the second floor with Joni, went to Traci’s sessions and is now with Rick. Don and Emily were a married couple, but they were going to do something bad with the bank. She apparently cheated on him. They did something shady. She was cheating on Don, but was doing something shady with him against the bank. The man she cheated on was there too.

  • Don, did you and Emily have a child? No
  • Did Emily and the other guy have a child? Yes
  • Did you do something to Emily and her family? Yes
  • Did you do something shady with Emily? Yes
  • Did her new husband know?
  • Was Emily married when you met her? No answer
  • Don, are you Emily’s second husband? No answer
  • Was Emily married to you when she had the other child? Yes
  • Did you raise the child as your own?
  • Is that why you need forgiveness?
  • Did Emily try to divorce you? Yes
  • Don, did you do something bad to Emily? Yes
  • Did you hurt her in some way? Physically? Yes
  • Did you hurt someone else to hurt her? Yes
  • Did you hurt the other guy? Yes
  • Is that why Emily is angry with you? Yes
  • Did you love the child, even though it wasn’t yours? Yes
  • Is the child here too? No
  • Did Morgan live here? Yes
  • Was the bank the one that’s next door? Yes
  • Did you succeed in doing shady stuff at the bank? Yes
  • Did Morgan work at the bank with you? Yes
  • Did any of you get caught? Yes
  • Was it Morgan? Yes
  • Did Morgan take the blame? Yes
  • Did you and Emily keep the money? Yes
  • Is the money hidden in town somewhere? No answer
  • Is it in this building? No answer
  • Did your daughter know about the money? No answer
  • Did your daughter outlive both of you? Yes
  • Is your daughter still alive? No
  • Were you alive in the 1890s? Yes
  • Did you die together? Yes
  • Were you shot? Yes

Note: we normally do not talk about their deaths during sessions. It’s usually not something they want to talk about and we often see them stop communicating when it’s brought up. We tell the groups this at the beginning of the event. I think everyone was so caught up in this story, they forgot this.

  • Did Morgan do something with the money? Yes
  • Is that why your daughter didn’t have the money? Yes
  • Did your daughter know you weren’t her biological father? No
  • Was Morgan upset he didn’t get to know his daughter? Yes
  • Is that one of the reasons why you guys fought? Yes
  • Was the bank you worked at here in New Harmony? Yes
  • Did Emily’s child get sick? Yes
  • Did you love your daughter? yes
  • Were you the type of person who liked to joke around? Yes
  • Did you and Emily like to entertain? Yes
  • Did you drink much alcohol? Yes
  • Did Morgan drink alcohol? Yes
  • Did you make your own alcohol? They didn’t announce the answer, but judging by the laughter, I think it was yes
  • Did you sell your alcohol? Yes
  • Was it connected to any activities in Evansville? Yes
  • Was it connected to any activities in French Lick? Yes (connected to the Chicago mob)
  • Were you considered a gangster in your time? Yes
  • Were you part of the Chicago mafia? Yes
  • Was there any counterfeiting? Yes
  • This was during the 1920s? yes
  • Was law enforcement in on it too? Yes
  • Did you have a hidden place at the bank where people came to drink? Yes
  • Was Morgan tied in with all the mafia stuff too? Yes
  • Don, did you move here from Chicago? Yes
  • Did you meet Emily in Chicago? Yes
  • Were you sent here to establish a business to help the mafia? Yes

Fourth Session (Red Group)

After Rick’s last session, he wanted to know if anything unusual had happened with their group. Heather told them during the Estes session, her chest felt heavy and a man was hovering over her, pushing her down. They also connected with Don and Emily. Rick introduced them to the dowsing rods and they got started. He encouraged them to follow through with some of the information they’d discovered during their other sessions.

  • Is there a spirit here with us right now? Is Don here? No answer
  • Is Emily here? Yes
  • Were you here when it was a bookstore? Yes
  • Were you a customer here? Yes
  • Were you here in the 1900s? Yes
  • Did you live here after the 1900s? yes
  • Did you enjoy New Harmony? Yes
  • Was New Harmony as pretty then as it is now? Yes
  • Could you point to where you’re at? Rods pointed to a certain area
  • Have you been following us from room to room tonight? Yes
  • Did you make the loud boom noise I heard upstairs? Yes
  • Is the music a distraction for you? Yes
  • Are you attached to any of the artifacts in the building? Yes
  • Do you remember the tunnels that ran under the street? Yes
  • Do you visit other buildings in town, like the gymnasium where they’re playing music? Yes
  • (There were a lot of questions without answers. I didn’t include them)
  • Would you like to talk to me again? Yes

Donna’s Sessions

Donna held court in the main downstairs showroom, surrounded by all the fascinating artifacts. She was using a computer program called the Phasmabox. This program works similarly to a Spirit Box connected to an enhancer. The ghosts in the room can use it to communicate in real time. Like the spirit box, when it works, it’s amazing. When it doesn’t work, it’s frustrating.

First Session (Orange Group_

During her first session, they got an incredibly clear response. “We were here earlier. Do you remember us?” a guest asked. The Phasmabox responded, “Nice to meet you.”

One of the guests felt like someone had just walked behind her. When she turned to look, all she saw was a chair full of dolls. At that same moment, the Phasmabox said, “Dolls watch.”

Second Session (Blue Group)

During her second session with the Blue Group, they got a response while they were introducing themselves. A voice said, “Hello.”

One of her guests in the Blue Group had an interesting back story. Stacy visited the store several weeks prior to the investigation and was drawn to a beaded pocketbook that was hanging from the side of one of the mahogany cabinets. As soon as she touched it, she felt a strong vibration roll through her arm. When she tried to open it, the pocketbook was nearly fused shut. After hearing her story, I reached out to the owners who told me that the purse was there when they took over the building. They don’t know anything about its history, only that it came with the building.

They asked quite a few questions about the purse, but didn’t get a lot of responses until one of the guests asked if the purse came with the tornado victims. This is in reference to the 1925 Tri-State Tornado that devastated the nearby town of Griffin. Many of the injured and deceased were brought to New Harmony and were tended to at the Ribeyre Gymnasium, which was only a block away. When this question was asked, a voice responded, repeating the word “tornado.”

Donna asked if there were a lot of kids there and a voice told her, “no.”

When one of the guests asked if they were attached to one of the items in the store, a female voice asked, “Why do you want to know?” This was an amazingly clear, intelligent response.

Nancy asked how many were in the room with them and got a quick response. “Two,” they said.

Stacy’s son, Ace, had an interesting experience during the night. During every session, the word “red” would come across the spirit box. Ace was the only one in the entire group of guests wearing red. He felt as though he was being picked on at first, but as the night went on, they all felt he was the favorite.

“Why do you not like the boy in red?” one guest asked. “Because, he’s like me,” was the response. That was enough to send chills down my spine. Ace is a sensitive and is able to feel the presence of ghosts, like many of us. In this case, it singled him out for the spirits in the house.

Third Session (Red Group)

We all had questions regarding why the ghosts lingered. Did they once live here? Or was this a place where they had a business or simply somewhere they worked? And why would they remain behind. Deb asked, “Did you work here?” and a male voice said, “This is where we worked.” It answered the question to a certain extent, but why? I’ve worked at a lot of places I certainly wouldn’t want to spend my afterlife in.

We know the building once held a general store, a hardware store, and a book store before becoming the Antique Doll Shop. Donna asked if they remembered the book store. A male voice said, “I remember it. A bookstore.”

Fourth Session (Yellow Group)

This group had the most experiences during the entire night. Their first session was with me in the upstairs living room space where they met Don and Emily. When they moved to the creepy second floor space and did the Estes Method with Traci, they pieced together more of the story and learned about Emily’s affair with Morgan. When they went to their third session with Rick, they learned about something unethical the group did at the bank next door. By the time they reached Donna’s group, we were certain they would learn even more, but it appears that the ghosts had retired for the evening.

When Ashley asked, “Don, is that you?” a male voice said, “Who’s Don?”

All in all it was a fascinating evening. I did visit our local library, Workingmen’s Institute, and attempted to research the history of the building, but I didn’t find much. I did learn some of the names of the past presidents and board of director members of the old bank next door, but nothing lined up with the findings the Yellow Group uncovered. A search of Maple Hill Cemetery didn’t provide any useful information either. There wasn’t anyone named Don there who was married to someone named Emily, nor vice versa. I’m not quite sure what to make of it, but I will be trying to research this further.

Thank you to all the guests who joined us. Thank you to Pat and Theresa for opening up their beautiful building for us to investigate. And, last but certainly not least, thank you to my amazing team for making this event flow so smoothly.

Orchard House Investigation Review – 3-4-23

The Orchard House sits on the north-west edge of town. At first glance, you will see a stately two-story, wood framed house. As you get closer, you’ll probably notice the signs of wear and wonder about its origins. Closer still, you just might feel as though you’re being watched.

The Orchard House was built in 1860 and was renovated by Jane Owen decades ago to be used as a guest house for the New Harmony Inn. The building has four lavish bedrooms and ample space for entertainment, which makes it perfect for wedding parties. While most guests have nothing but a positive experience, others have experienced something unnatural while staying there.

“That place is haunted,” one guest of my Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walks told me, which piqued my interest, but didn’t surprise me. By my estimation, most old homes in New Harmony have a ghost or two in residence. We decided to rent the building and see for ourselves. By the time the sun broke the horizon the following morning, we were convinced of the haunting. Not only had we received intelligent responses on our Spirit Box, we also heard strange sounds throughout the night. Was it footsteps or just the sound of an old house settling? Sometimes it’s difficult to determine, but other times it’s clearly evident. As I slept in a room on the main floor, I heard the distinct sounds of footsteps come into the room. They walked all the way to the side of my bed and stopped in front of me as though taking the opportunity to get a good look at me while I slept. Even though I’m supposed to be a fearless ghost hunter, there are times when it takes me a moment to gather my courage. When I finally opened my eyes, nothing was there. I finally fell back asleep and learned that several of my friends had similar experiences.

Years later, when we started our new Dark Side Ghost Walk, we added the Orchard House to the tour. By this time, we’d gathered quite a few new stories from other guests. One guest came in and saw a man wearing overalls standing at the top of the staircase. As they stood there staring, he faded into nothing right in front of them. Others felt touches or heard sounds they couldn’t explain. During our very first Dark Side Ghost Walk, one of our guests stopped me after we’d passed by the house, telling me he saw a brown haired woman with a light blue dress staring out a window.

I approached the New Harmony Inn and asked them if they would allow me to rent the building for a public paranormal investigation and was astounded when they gave me the green light. I think on some level, they also wanted to see what we discovered.

Even though we’d already experienced warm weather, the night of the event was cool and chilly. Our guests showed up and we divided into four teams and then split up and investigated the house.

Living Room

First Session – Orange Group

Jason Nelson led a group in the living room, which was a hotspot in our past investigation. He used two different Spirit Boxes, one is a modified radio with reverberation built in and the other was our standard SB-7 Spirit Box. The theory behind the Spirit Box is that it scans the radio channels quickly, only landing on each one for an eight of a second. The ghosts are able to speak through the white noise. We use it frequently because of the amazing results we often get with it.

Three minutes into the session, they got their first hit. Jason had everyone introduce themselves and then asked if they could share their names. A male with an Australian accent said what sounds like, “George.” When I first listened to it, I though he was saying Jason, but changed my mind. Either way, it was interesting.

Immediately afterwards, a voice came through and said, “Watch it!” And then someone said, “Lincoln.” This is interesting because the house is decorated in Civil War motif. One room is actually named the Lincoln/Lee Room.

As Jason was marveling over the amount of responses they were getting, a male voice asked him, “You good?”

One of the guests asked if they lived there and a faint female voice said, “No.”

Someone asked if he followed someone there and a voice said, “Sam.” As far as I know, there wasn’t anyone named Sam at the event, so he must have followed someone else at an earlier time.

And then, still within the first five minutes of the session, a voice said, “Release them.” I’m not sure who or what he was referring to, but he had a bit of a British accent.

During the session, someone felt like something was touching the back of her neck. She moved to another spot. She thought she heard her name come over the Spirit Box, but upon review, it wasn’t anything I could make out.

A motion sensor cat ball kept lighting up on its own throughout the session.

Several other people showed up late and Jason had them introduce themselves. Right after that, someone asked if they were from New Harmony and there were several responses that sounded like “Yup.”

Someone asked, “What’s your name?” A voice responded with “Greg.”

“Do you like all the travelers who come through here?” A voice responded with “Yes.”

They got a lot of blips and blurps, but no clear responses for the remainder of the session.

Second Session – Blue Group

It didn’t take long for them to get their first hit. Five minutes into the session, one of the men in the group asked if they lived in the house and a female told him, “We see.”

Some of the responses were difficult to understand and could have been nothing more than radio stations popping in. When someone asked if their family was here, you can hear a quick, “Yup.” Quite a few answers came in similarly. When they finally got a hit, it was faint. “How old are you?” someone asked. A female immediately responded with, “Six.”

Jason switched to the SB-7 Spirit Box after they went several minutes without getting any clear responses. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even picking up radio station blurbs. It was nothing but static. The lack of responses came shortly after Jason began sending people outside for a breakout group with a pendulum. I have to wonder if the ghosts were following the guests outside. This would make a lot of sense. It’s the reason why we have breakout groups. Ghosts often feel more comfortable with small groups and are more willing to communicate.

Finally, after a few minutes, they finally got a response. One woman asked what year they were married and a male with a Midwestern accent said, “We’re gonna go east.”

Third Session – Yellow Group

They began asking questions, asking if the little girl from the second floor followed them downstairs. When asked if she played in this room, they got the sound of a little girl’s voice. Her voice is very faint and probably can only be heard if you’re wearing headphones.

Rachel asked what their favorite color was and a male voice said, “Color?” Then, a female voice exclaimed, “Pink!”

Ben Adams walked in with his SLS Camera. This camera is based on Kinect X-Box technology. It maps people and ghosts as stick figures on his screen. He picked up on a child-sized stick figure. Later in the evening, his system crashed and he lost all the video he recorded, so we have nothing to show you, unfortunately.

They didn’t get any other responses, so Jason switched to the SB-7 Spirit Box to see if they could get anything with it. Within seconds, they got a hit. He asked if there was anyone there who wanted to talk to them and a voice asked, “What are you doing?” It’s very faint, so you’ll need to listen closely or with headphones.

They were commenting on how quiet the Spirit Box was. Normally, you’ll at least hear occasional radio stations pop in, but it was just solid static. Then, a male voice said, “We’ve all been with Traci.” It makes a lot of sense. If there are limited ghosts in the house, they might be hanging out in other areas, especially with Traci who was doing the Estes Method. Her sessions were quite active. This is another very faint one.

Rachel and Eric came in from their breakout session and Rachel and Lisa took their place. They wondered if the child followed them outside. They were getting a lot of hits on the pendulum. She told them she went to school in New Harmony and played in the house. She said they didn’t like us all in the house asking them questions.

They heard something come through the Spirit Box and decided it was just a song on the radio, but then a male voice came through and said, “It’s me.” It too was a faint response.

Fourth Session – Red Group

They went around and introduced themselves and were off and running. Jason asked if anyone wanted to talk to them and a male voice asked, “You there?”

The very next question garnered a response, as well. A guest asked if there was a male with them and a man yelled, “Hey!” with great enthusiasm. This is another one that sounds different after I uploaded it to Soundcloud. Now, I hear, “Hello!” What do you hear?

Someone asked if this was his favorite room and he properly insulted her. “Idiot!” he said.

And then, we got the best EVP of the night. One of our guests asked if there was a little girl with us and a little girl responded with, “Mommy.” It was so clear and absolutely spine chilling.

The little girl wasn’t finished with them though. One guests thought it was a little boy they’d been talking to at their last session. She asked, “Is this Max?” and the same little girl responded with, “Maddie.” Then, a gruff sounding male asked, “You give up?” like he was scolding her for responding.

It was strange because after that, you could hear a child’s voice in the background. I couldn’t understand what she was saying. It was more like a cry.

Jason decided to switch things up and moved to the SB-7 Spirit Box. They ran it for a few minutes, but it was clear we’d worn the ghosts out. They turned it off and spent the rest of the session talking.

Breakout Sessions

On one of the breakout sessions, they were talking to a man. They couldn’t nail down the era, but the man knew about baseball and football. He was standing behind the woman and his wife had dark hair. They said they were there after the Harmonists.

Another group felt they were talking to a little girl. She said she lived there and her parents were there.

Master Bedroom

First Session – Yellow Group

Whistling Rick led a dowsing rod session in the master bedroom. After he demonstrated how to use the rods, he turned them over to the guests to use. In the meantime, he sent small groups out to the stairwell to do a pendulum session. We’ve discovered that the ghosts are more apt to approach smaller groups. By sending two people to another location by themselves, they often receive interaction.

  • They weren’t talking to the two men from the stairwell (from their breakout session)
  • They worked in the orchards
  • They worked in the house
  • They worked in the kitchen
  • They didn’t stay in the house. They just worked there.
  • She was standing in the corner
  • She followed them in from the stairs
  • She wasn’t the one they were talking to in their breakout session
  • She worked in the house
  • She was a housekeeper
  • She didn’t work there in the 1900s
  • She worked there in the 1800s

Ben Adams came into the room with his SLS camera. The SLS camera uses Kinect technology and shows a stick figure on the screen if a ghost is present.

  • She of them was married
  • They were talking to a woman

Second Session – Red Group

  • They were talking to a male
  • He worked there
  • He wasn’t an owner
  • He wasn’t scared of them
  • There were multiple people in there with him
  • There were two spirits there
  • The other spirit was his wife
  • They were the owners
  • He is happy
  • They were still talking to a man
  • When asked if they could point to where they were, the rods pointed toward the bathroom
  • They liked mashed potatoes and gravy (I mean, who doesn’t?)
  • They have family in town still
  • They like cornbread
  • They don’t know RJ (he was using the rods and works for the NH Inn)
  • They were talking to Max
  • There was a female there too
  • He was seven years old
  • They asked if Max could light up the cat ball and he did
  • The female in the room was his mother
  • She was hiding with him, as well
  • Max hid longer than six months
  • He left the town
  • He went north when he left
  • He stayed in the room across the hall
  • He eventually went to Canada
  • He was born between 1850 and 1950
  • It was his favorite house to be in
  • He didn’t go to school in the town
  • He didn’t work in the fields
  • He was still a child when he left
  • The owners kept him safe
  • They see us do our ghost walks outside
  • They don’t stand in the window so we can see them when we walk by
  • They want to be seen though
  • It’s very tiresome trying to be seen
  • They don’t go anywhere else
  • They were still talking to Max
  • He hid with other boys
  • Some of them are with him still

Third Session – Blue Group

  • They were curious what the group was doing there
  • They enjoy laughing at some of the drunken wedding parties
  • They were talking to a little girl
  • She is a teenager
  • She runs between the rooms
  • The girl left and they were talking to someone else (as groups came in from their breakout sessions, they often brought the ghosts back with them)
  • They were surprised there were so many people there
  • They sometimes visit other locations in town
  • They’ve been to WMI (our town library/museum)
  • They asked for the rods to point to where they were in the room and they pointed to the corner.
  • They’ve swam in the Wabash River
  • They worked there

Ben walked in with the SLS camera and demonstrated it for the group. He picked up something standing on Rick’s shoulders.  As Ben was filming, it popped up again but then Ben’s camera shut off before he could save it.

Fourth Session – Orange Group

  • They lived in New Harmony
  • They were younger
  • They weren’t there when the house was built
  • They are a native to New Harmony
  • They don’t know anyone in the room
  • They have family from the area that are still here
  • They don’t like all of the people in the room
  • It wasn’t their room
  • They see a lot of weddings
  • (I don’t know why they didn’t ask if the person they were talking to was male or female)
  • There are more than one of them in the room
  • They know Roscoe from the Lee/Lincoln room they were just talking to
  • They lived in the house
  • They can light the ball light up (but they didn’t actually do it)
  • No answer on the question I’ve been waiting for – male or female?
  • They’ve swam in the Wabash
  • They think the town is peaceful
  • They were there when the bridge was built and when the gymnasium was built (a hundred years apart, which makes us wonder about the validity of the response)
  • The group stopped announcing the answers to the rods for a long period.
  • They’re from New Harmony
  • They went back to not announcing the answers, so I can’t document what they discovered. I think everyone was getting tired.
  • They were slaves – Rick corrected this because they didn’t allow slavery in New Harmony
  • They were educated
  • They liked having an education

Breakout Group

  • They were talking to two males, one older than the other. Father and son.
  • There was a child hiding there. His name was Max.
  • There was a man who was married, but didn’t have children. Was buried in the cemetery.

Lincoln/Lee Bedroom

First Session – Red Group

Traci Hoehn led the groups in the Lincoln/Lee bedroom. This bedroom was decorated in a Civil War theme that included two men who certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed sharing a bedroom in life. The room also holds a hidden room. Inside a built-in cabinet is a secret door that leads to a secret room. We have no documentation, but believe it might have been used during the Underground Railroad.

Traci assisted the group with the Estes Method. In this experiment, participants wear a headphone attached to a Spirit Box. The Spirit Box is a modified radio that scans through the stations at a rapid rate, allowing the ghosts to speak through the white noise. By blindfolding the participant and having them listen to the Spirit Box through headphones, it eliminates the possibility that we are hearing what we want to hear. The participant can’t hear the questions that are being asked, but shout out the responses they hear. Sometimes they match up and sometimes they don’t. We’ve also noticed that it sometimes puts the participant into a channeling state. They begin seeing images and understand more of what is going on.

Q: Someone in here with us?

A: Yes

Q: Are you male or female?

A: No

Q: Are you by yourself?

A: So (no?)

Q: Are you scared? Do you know why you’re here?

A: No!

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: No!

Q: Are you looking into the mirror? Can you say anything besides no? Where were you born? Can you tell me what the name of this house is? Are you alone here?

A: Yes!

Q: Did you open the cabinet doors earlier? Are you being shy right now? Are you happy we’re here? Is there someone in this room you would rather talk to? Do you remember our names?

A: No!

Q: They went around the room and identified themselves. Can you tell us who you’d like to talk to? What’s your name? Do you like this is called the Lincoln/Lee room?

A: No!

Q: Why does it bother you? Are you from the Union Army?

A: No!

Q: Were you from the Confederate Army?

They switched participants.

A: Hello

Q: Hello. How are you?

A: Follow

Q: Did you follow from another room?

A: Followed from room

Q: Did you follow from a room?

A: Beside me. Hiding.

Q: Are you scared?

A: Hiding

Q: Who are you hiding from?

A: Children. The owner

Q: Is the owner male?

A: I know the owner

Q: What’s his name?

A: He’s nice

Q: What’s his name?

A: Stay

Q: I’m not going anywhere. I’m just taking pictures. Did you have your picture taken?

A: A long way

Q: Where’s the owner?

A: Travel

Q: From where?

A: Scared

Q: We’re not going to hurt you

A: You’re messing with me

Q: We’re not messing with you.

A: Ten thousand. Hi

Q: What can we do to help you? Are you alone?

A: Woman

Q: Can we help you? Are you still there?

A: Yeah. The Captain

Q: Who’s the Captain? Is that who owned the house?

A: Yes

Q: Was he in the army?

A: Behind you

Q: Is he on the bed?

A: Yep. My mom

Q: Was your mom married to the Captain? Who else is here? How long have you been here?

A: Jackson. Yep

Q: Is that your family name? Or is Jackson here too?

A: Quiet!

Q: Sorry

A: Yep

Q: Are you still behind us? What’s your favorite color? Don’t slam…the door (Ben had just shut the door). You have to be quiet.

Q: Do you like Ben?

A: Fighting

Q: Who’s fighting?

A: Men

Q: What are they fighting about? Do you like music? Did you make the bells chime?

A: New York

Q: What’s in New York?

A: uh ha

Q: Are you still here?

A: Yup.

Q: Can you tell us something about yourself? Have you been to New York? Is the owner in New York?

A: Stay (Ben just walked out of the room and slammed the door like she didn’t want him to)

A: Many

Q: Many what? Did you live here? Did you hide here? Why are you here? (rapid fire questions)

A: yes

Q: Were you a Harmonist? (House wasn’t built until well after the Harmonist period)

A: Captain

Q: Is the Captain here now?

A: Yes

Q: Is he still on the bed?

A: Behind her

Q: Who is her?

A: Plaid

Q: Behind me? Or behind me?

A: Door

Q: Do you see the wooden boxes? (Rem pods)

A: To the left

Q: Yes, there’s one to my left. They light up and make sound

A: Music

Q: They don’t make music, they make sound

A: Tomorrow

Q: We won’t be here tomorrow. Can you do it today?

A: Can you stop it?

Q: Can you make this clock shut off?

A: I don’t know

Q: Do you feel strong? (Batteries were drained from Rem pod)

A: I’m sorry

Q: You don’t have to be sorry. We like talking to you.

Q: We’re getting ready to wrap up. Is there anything else you want us to know?

A: no response. They brought her out of it and she said she felt very sad while she was doing it. Ashley is one of the most intuitive guests we’ve ever had. She also attended our Murphy Auditorium event and was just as amazing. If you’re reading this, Ashley, we love having you at our events.

Second Session – Yellow Group

Ben was the first participant for the Estes Method

Q: We’re back again and want to learn more about you. They went around the group and introduced themselves. Are you still here with us? Do you have a favorite place to sit in this room? Can you go sit there now? Did you work in this house or live in this house?

A: Do you know. Hi Ben.

Q: laugher

A: Do you know?

Q: Do you know Ben? Are you the same person who was in here earlier talking to Traci and the others? What was the little secret closet used for?

A: Hi

Q: Hi! Did you live in New Harmony?

A: Do you want to laugh?

Q: I love to laugh. Will you tell me a joke?

A: Hey

Q: Hey. Can you see these purple lights on the floor? (Trip lights)

A: Do you want to ask?

Q: Yes. I want you to change the colors on the Trip Lights. Can you do that? Walk up to them and they’ll change colors. (Side note: The Trip Lights are based on EMF technology and will light up when a ghost comes near them)

A: Rick

Q: Do you know Rick?

A: That’s good

Q: Are you still here with us? (after a long time with no response) Is anyone still here with us? Do you want to talk to someone else instead of Ben?

A: Who the F?

Q: Is there someone new here? Who was cursing? Is the Captain still here?

A: Food

Q: Are you hungry? What kind of food do you like? Are you over there in the corner by the doorway?

They pulled Ben out of the session. He said he heard a lot of crying.

Rachel Maurer was the next one to try the Estes.

Q: Do you see the dog in here? Do you like dogs? Were dogs allowed in the house when you were here? Is there anyone here who wants to talk to us?

A: Talk

Q: Yes. We just want to talk. You can say whatever you want. Do you like cats? Or birds?

A: Me

Q: Are you a man or a woman?

A: Buried (or married?)

Q: Were you married?

A: Yeah

Q: Did you live in this house? Did you work in this house? Did you have any children?

Q: Did you live in New Harmony? Earlier you mentioned food. Can you tell us what your favorite food was? Were you married to the Captain? What was your favorite color? Can you hear Ben? (talking in the other room)

A: The night

Q: Did something happen at night?

A: A couple of

Q: Did something happen a couple of nights? Was it good or bad? Are you scared? What was your favorite thing to do? Did you like to read or take walks, go down to the river? Did you live here when there was an orchard?

A: A point

Q: Okay. Can you tell us your name?

Rachel came out of the Estes. She said it was hard to understand. She felt like someone grabbed her arm towards the end. She also said she heard “old timey” music at times.

Eric decided to give it a try.

Q: Hello? Does anyone want to talk to us? Can you tell me your name? Is there someone here? Did you used to hide people in that room?

A: Practice

Q: Practice what? Did you open the little door?

A: Stand

Q: How old are you? Do you like to play the piano? Did you live here? Can you open that pantry door again?

They pulled Eric out and Lisa gave it a shot. Lisa is a medium who often uses the Spirit Box for channeling.

Q: Is there anyone here who wants to speak to us?

A: Yellow. That’s my favorite color. Lynn.

Q: Is that your name?

A: Better not go there!

Q: Where am I not supposed to go?

A: It’s always so hot.

Q: In that little room?

A: We have to be very quiet. There were men here today.

Q: What kind of men?

A: Twenty-three men. Some had horses. We could hear them.

Q: Were they soldiers?

A: I wasn’t supposed to be here. My mother died.

Q: Did you come to work here and have a place to stay?

A: My hands (said with grief). Could play the piano….easily. Sis is going to learn next.

Q: Can we hear you play sometime? What’s your favorite song? Can you tell me your name?

A:  Tomorrow they will come for our guns.

Q: Who’s coming?

A: There. They’re shooting them there

Q: Where did you hide them?

A: He’s a hero.

Q: Who’s a hero?

A: Patty will sing on a Sunday. We get to hear the music then.

Q: We’re going to have to go. Is there anything you’d like to tell us?

They pulled her out of the session because the time was up.

Third Session – Orange Group

The first participant donned the headphones and they were off and running.

Q: Is there someone who’d like to talk to us? (they introduced themselves)

A: What?

Q: What do you mean?

A: Fuck!

Q: Is that your favorite curse word? Are you mad? Are you from New Harmony? Are you going to talk to us?

A: Done

Q: Are you done talking to us? Is there anyone else who’d like to talk to us? Traci noted that a strong woman just drifted in.

A: Out of time

Q: But we just got here. We’d like to hear what you will say. What’s your favorite color? Did you go to school here? Are you hungry? How many of you are here?

A: Fuck you!

Q: That’s not very nice. Rosemary is a very nice lady. Why are you so angry?

A: You’re about to break

Q: What going to break?

A: Ouch!

Q: Did you get hurt? Did you fall down the stairs? Do you like it here? Do you like visitors?

A: Hurry up. Somebody.

Q: What do you need us to do?

A: Too close

Q: What are we too close to?

A: Hell no

Q: We want to help. Do you stay in this house all the time? How old are you?

A: Hello? Where at? Stand! Hold.

Q: Can you tell us something about yourself? What’s in that hidden room behind you? How long have you been here?

A: Back. Please help!

Q: What can we do to help you? Are you hurt?

A: Real

Q: Are you not feeling well? Can you tell us your name?

A: Roscoe

Q: It’s nice to meet you, Roscoe. Is that your first name or your family name? Was this your bedroom, Roscoe?

Listening to the audio, I suddenly heard the sound of a cat or child crying. Traci followed it with a question of whether there were children there.

Q: Were you born and raised here in New Harmony? Did you live in this house?

A: Army

Q: Were you in the Union Army?

A: Are you?

Q: Did soldiers stay in this house?

A: Hell-ostomy (not sure what that is)

Q: Were you married, Roscoe? Did you fight in the war? Did you know any of the Owen family? Are you still here?

A: Perfect. Last.

Q: Last what? Did you have any children? Roscoe, are you still here?

A: Sup!

Q: What year were you born, Roscoe?

A: Hear me

They brought her out of the session.  She said it was a female that said “Sup!”

Misty was the next participant.

Q: Is Roscoe still hanging around? Are you tired of talking?

A: No

Q: Is there anyone else in here besides you, Roscoe? Are you still here with us, Roscoe? We’d like to talk to you. Are you hiding a person of color in that room?

Q: How old are you? Are you still hurt?

Misty pulled herself out of it. She said it was so loud. Traci set up the next participant.

Q: Is there anyone who wants to talk to us?

A: Sup!

Q: I’m glad you’re back. My name is Traci. Can you repeat any of our names back?

A: Hey!

Q: Are you a male or female? Did you live here? Are you going to talk to us? Did you work here in New Harmony?

A: Listen

Q: Okay. We can listen.

A: Whisper

Q: Are we talking too loud? Are you still angry? Was this your bedroom? Can you touch the antenna on the boxes and make them light up?

Fourth Session – Blue Group

Q: The group introduced themselves. Is there anyone here with us? Can you tell us your name? Were you the person dancing on Rick earlier? (SLS Camera showed a stick figure dancing above Whistling Rick). Do you like Rick’s whistling?

A: Congratulations. What?

Q: Congratulations for what? Is there still a little girl around us? What were you congratulating us for?

A: Can. Work.

Q: What kind of work?

A: Noon

Q: Is something going to happen at noon? Do you work here in this house? Who were you congratulating? Is there still someone named Roscoe here? Is there someone in the secret room? Would you talk more if someone else was listening?

A: George

Q: Who is George?

They pulled him out and set Maryellen up with the headphones.

Q: We switched listeners. Are you more willing to talk now?

A: Here

Q: What’s here?

A: No. Under the covers.

Q: Who’s under the covers?

A: I’m back

Q: Is this the Captain?

A: Sometimes

Q: Are you still on the bed? Are you still here with us?

A: Boy

Q: Is there a boy here?

A: Window. Yesterday. Last night. Next Monday. Maybe.

Q: What’s the boy’s name?

A: It was backwards

Q: What was backwards?

A: Rose. Settled. A friend. Rose was.

Q: Was Rose your friend

A: Oklahoma.

Q: Was she from Oklahoma?

A: In a dream

Q: Whose dream? Who did Rose marry?

A: Seven. Nine. Ten. Not old. Middle. Seven. Hold me. Just a little. I was there.

Q: Where were  you? What is your name?

A: One more time

Q: Did you not understand.

A: Okay. Home. It’s okay. I’m home. You were out.

Q: yes. I was out. Was I out on the porch?

A: Oh my God. Where are you going to?

Q: After this, I’m going home.

A: I’m not listening. Go away.

Maryellen pulled the headphones off. It was getting overwhelming. She felt like someone blew cold air in her face. She heard someone say her name.

They set a new person up with the headphones.

Q: Are you going to keep talking to us?

A: Where are you?

Q: I’m right in front of you. Where are you?

A: Place

Q: What place are you at? Are you in the hiding place? Are there children here? Is there a little girl here?

A: We don’t

Q: We don’t what?

A: This here

Q: Who is here? Do you remember any of our names? Can you say one of them?

A: Afraid

Q: What are you afraid of?

A: Local

Q: Are you from here? Are the locals mean to you?

A: Why?

Q: I don’t want anyone to be mean to you

A: Is that the best?

Q: The best of what?

He took the headphones off. He’d had enough. He was hearing a female voice. It was like a loud whisper. The person before him said she heard the same thing. The next person decided to give it a try.

A: Please. Don’t

Q: Please, don’t what? Is there something we can help you with?

A: Get out

Q: We’re going to be leaving very soon. Is that okay? We have five minutes left. Do you like having the place to yourself or do you like it when guests are here?

She didn’t last long. She said she felt dizzy. Traci donned the headphones for the last five minutes.

A: you know what?

Q: What? Is the Captain still here?

A: What’s that? It’s hiding

Q: Who’s hiding?

A: Fuck off!

Q: Well, we will soon, but not now. Can you tell me your name?

A: There

Q: There? What do you mean?

A: Do it again. A lot of them

Q: Are you talking about us? Or are you talking to someone else? Do you like pickles? (of course Ben asked this epic question)

A: We found him

Q: Found who?

A: Please don’t. I seen them. Floater

Q: Are you talking about down by the river

A: We’re here

Q: From where? Are you hiding here?

She took off the headphones and the session was over. Traci noted there were a lot of drownings at the river. Some were super suspicious, but many of them were from people swimming in the river and getting caught by undertows.

Breakout Groups

  • The owner was in there still and there are women and children hiding, as well.
  • Male, in his twenties. Not from New Harmony, but he was from Indiana. He stayed in the hidden room all the time. He confirmed that the voices in the other rooms (investigators) were irritating.
  • He’d been there for more than twenty years
  • Another group picked up on a male. He stayed in the hidden room.
  • Confirmed the house was part of the Underground Railroad
  • Wasn’t a slave. Was dark skinned.
  • Likes dogs. Doesn’t like cats
  • Several people reported getting headaches after doing the breakout sessions.

Joni’s Group

I held a Paranormal 101 class in the dining room. I went through several exercises designed to open up their sensitivities and also taught them how to ground their energy and create a shield to keep them protected. Towards the end of the session, I handed out paper and pencils and asked them to describe the ghost in the room. I was feeling a dark-haired woman from the late 1800’s, wearing a light blue dress with a high color. Several people from each group also described her, but many others picked up on a tall, dark-haired man on the other side of the room. The reason why we do this on paper is so we are all working with a clean slate. If I told them what I felt and then asked them what they were picking up on, all they’d be able to think about was the woman I described. Mediumship is another way of investigating the paranormal, and by opening up your sixth sense, you can perceive even more information.


After listening to all the audio we recorded during the night, I’m even more intrigued by the ghosts at the Orchard House. During the first EVP we captured, they told us there were eight of them. Over the course of the night, we uncovered all of them:

  1. The Captain – was in the Lincoln/Lee room
  2. Roscoe – also in the Lincoln/Lee room
  3. George – Lincoln/Lee room and in the living room
  4. Woman with dark hair and a blue dress – in the dining room
  5. Tall man with dark hair – in the dining room
  6. Greg – in the living room
  7. Maddie – the little girl in the living room. Her favorite color is pink and she’s six years old.
  8. Max – a little boy who hid in the secret room and eventually traveled north.

Armed with this information, we will go back for another investigation on March 18,2023 and will attempt to learn even more about them.

Thank you to my team for making this go so smoothly and thank you to everyone who attended. Special thanks go to the New Harmony Inn for allowing us to investigate this amazing old home.

Murphy Auditorium Investigation Review 10-8-22

Our first investigation at Murphy Auditorium was so successful, we couldn’t imagine not having the same experience again for the next investigation. At the time, we didn’t think we were getting much, but we just didn’t hear it at the time. We had a lot of intelligent responses that were discovered during audio review after the investigation ended.

We started the investigation with a group picture and a brief history lesson about the building and the haunting and then we got down to business. We divided into three teams and began investigating.


Group One

Once again, I led the investigation on the stage. The previous week I used the Portal, which is an amplifier and reverberation device that is hooked up to a Spirit Box. This time, I decided to move the Portal to the lobby area where Donna was leading a team and used my Spirit Box instead.  I placed it on a small table in the middle of the group and got nothing. I mean nothing. We went around the circle and introduced ourselves and then asked questions without a single response. This made me nervous. What’s worse than having a group of people expecting to see some amazing responses and have the ghosts completely shut me out? I could feel them lingering around me, but they weren’t speaking. I wondered if they were nervous about the new device, so I switched to dowsing rods, something they were more familiar with.

  • There was no one there who was interested in talking to us.
  • They weren’t offended by anything we did the week before.
  • They weren’t shy, but were apprehensive about the Spirit Box. I then explained how it worked.
  • They agreed to give it a try.
  • We were talking to a female.
  • She was the only one there.
  • She was from New Harmony.
  • She doesn’t visit other locations.
  • When we asked if they liked us being there, we got a quick no response, followed by a yes
  • They were capable of lighting up the K2 meter in the middle of the room. When asked if they would, we got a no response.
  • They haven’t been there for over a hundred years. This makes sense because the building wasn’t built until 1913.
  • She’s a child.
  • She’s not married.
  • She didn’t have any children.

I was determined to get my Spirit Box to work. Thinking the lack of responses might be due to the placement of the device; I picked it up and carried it to my seat with me. It was as though the flood gates opened. Immediately, a woman came through and said, “We talking.”

A guest asked, “How old are you?” and we got a very clear response of “Thirteen.”

Then, we got an interesting piece of information. A man’s voice said, “Can’t see through.” I’ve always wondered if they can see us and I test it out frequently by asking them questions they can only answer if they can see us.

We were thrilled to have Amanda Bryden join us for the investigation. She was in charge of the Indiana State Museum sites for many years and was responsible for getting us into the first buildings in New Harmony for investigations. She asked if they sometimes flick the lights on and off. A male instantly answered, “We do.”

Someone asked, “What’s your favorite color?” and a male responded with “Yellow.” Shortly afterwards, another voice said, “Purple.”

When asked, “Do you know Gus in the basement?” a voice said, “I know him.”

Are you sad there’s not many plays here was met with, “We’re fine.”

Jason came onto the stage with the SLS camera, which shows stick figures if a ghost is in the frame. Someone asked if they were wondering what that man was walking around with something in his hand. A woman’s voice said what I think is, “We’re wondering who could be it.”

Amanda asked if they liked the new seats and a man said, “I’ll take them.”

Second Group

We started with the Spirit Box and began getting responses right away. We didn’t hear most of them at the time, but I found them when reviewing the audio later. I told them I brought them a brand new group and hoped they’d be receptive to them. A man said, “I’ll take them.”

We then tried something different. We did a “round robin” question where we all asked the same question. The hopes is that they will answer it from someone in the group and, sure enough, it worked. The question was: what is your favorite color. About halfway around the circle a man said, “I like blue.”

Someone asked if he was tall or short and I heard a faint response of “tall.”

Rachel asked how much a ticket cost for the last show they saw. A female gave a faint response of “what show?” We heard this one at the time it was spoken and all laughed.

I asked if they remembered any of our names and got the shock of my life when they said, “Joni.”

Rachel brought out a plasma ball and told them to touch it. I heard what sounded like, “What is it?” Rachel then explained it and it sounded like someone said, “Pretty.”

Someone asked what they thought of the moon (it was a glorious full moon) and it sounded like someone said, “It’s a moon.”

I asked if they knew Gus and a man with a true southern accent said, “Hell no.” This was the clearest response in the entire session and everyone laughed when they heard it.

Third Group

We started off with a Spirit Box session. We went around the circle a few times and got answers we couldn’t quite make out, so I rolled out the pie question. I asked everyone in the group what their favorite kind of pie was. After they responded, I asked the ghosts what kind they wanted. A female voice said, “Apple.”

Someone asked if they went to school in New Harmony and a male answered, “Sixty-one.” Was that the year he graduated?

Another person asked where Jason was and we got a response of, “Back out.” And that was true. Jason had been roaming around between the three groups with the SLS camera, but he had left.

For the rest of the session, we would ask questions and get “blurps” for answers. Sometimes we would think we got a response, but upon review wasn’t what we thought it was. I have to always throw out what I believe could be from the radio aspect of the Spirit Box. I think we wore them out and they were ready for some well-deserved rest.


First Group

Traci had two REM pods in the basement. If the electromagnetic field is broken, it sounds an alarm. It immediately started going off. As soon as they’d silence it, it would start up again, so Traci turned it off. They then did a straight EVP session to see if the ghosts would provide answers.

Traci got a clear EVP on her very first question. She asked, “Can you tell me your name?” and a male answered, “Athmail.”

They did a full round of questions but didn’t get any responses, so they moved to dowsing rods.

  • There was someone down there with them – more than five of them
  • Gus was still down there – slow yes
  • There were children down there
  • There were more than five males down there
  • They never leave the basement (at least one of t hem doesn’t)
  • There are siblings in the room
  • There was a woman named Mary in the room
  • Traci asked the rods to point to where one of them are in the room and they pointed to the couch.
    • Wasn’t a male
    • Wasn’t in plays there
    • Worked there
    • Her name isn’t Emily
    • Her name is Eugena
  • Someone was standing to the left of one of the guests. She felt someone touch her hair.
  • The children there are pranksters
  • The woman on the couch was born in New Harmony
  • Gus was also born in New Harmony

Second Group

Traci started her second group off with a straight EVP session (no equipment) but didn’t get any responses. They then moved to dowsing rods.

  • Gus was down there
  • There wasn’t a woman with them any longer
  • Someone else was down there with Gus
  • His favorite color was yellow
  • They knew it wasn’t Friday
  • Gus had children
  • He enjoyed the plays
  • He lived close by
  • He worked there for a long time
  • They were no longer talking to Gus
  • They were talking to a guest named Jimmy who had a ghost blow in his ear
  • There were more than three of them (more joined)
  • They weren’t all willing to talk to them
  • Dr. Murphy was not down there
  • The male they were talking to has a mustache and dark eyes
  • He’s tall
  • His family was there with him
  • Emily wasn’t down there
  • He went to school in New Harmony
  • He’s not married
  • He didn’t perform there
  • He worked there
  • Traci asked the rods to point to their favorite person in the room and they pointed to the people sitting on the couch
  • There was a cold spot on the couch and was made by a woman
  • Something happened there that wasn’t supposed to
    • It has something to do with the man with the mustache
    • The man with the mustache is Gus
    • It has something to do with Gus being in the changing rooms
    • Gus wasn’t the only one involved
    • The incident involved a woman
    • It involved more than two people
  • There is a secret passage into the basement room they were in

Third Group

They started with an EVP session, but didn’t get any responses, so they moved to a dowsing rod session. During that time, Jason came down with the SLS camera and told them he’d been chasing a tall person on the camera and it led him there.

  • The tall person was downstairs with them.
  • The tall person was a female.
  • She was born in New Harmony
  • She wasn’t a student at the school
  • She wasn’t the one making the noises behind them
  • It wasn’t someone else
  • They asked where she was in the room and the rods pointed to an empty wooden chair
  • A man wasn’t down there
  • There was just the one woman
  • Everyone else who was down there went to a different part of the building
  • Traci asked them to point to the dressing room that was the most haunted and it pointed to the bathroom behind them. Traci felt there was a sad woman there which was confirmed by several others in the group. Traci asked if we could help her, but we didn’t get any further information.
  • Someone else from the group thought they saw a shadow figure.


Donna Tilly led the investigation of the lobby. In past years, people working the ticket office have heard footsteps on the stairs and have felt a ghostly presence.

First Group

They started off with a Portal Session. The Portal is connected to two Spirit Boxes and eliminates most of the choppy sounds. When they asked the ghost if she was alone, a voice came through the Portal and said, “alone.”

They then went to dowsing rods:

  • Emily was with them.
  • She didn’t like to sing, but she did like to listen to music.
  • Another guest started to use the rods and asked if there was anyone there who wanted to talk to them and they heard, “no” on the Portal.
  • Whoever they were talking to didn’t act there today
  • This person didn’t live in New Harmony, but did work there
  • This person played an instrument
  • They were talking to a man
  • He knows the people in the pictures (It was the Murphys)
  • He fished in the Wabash River
  • He knows Emily
  • He sometimes walks down the stairs
  • He sometimes walks across the stage
  • He has hidden in the ladies dressing room
  • Isabell is there tonight

Second Group

They started off by going around the room and introducing themselves and then Donna asked if they remembered anyone’s names. A voice came through the Portal and says what sounds like, “Heather.” There was a person named Heather in the group.

Donna then asked if they knew who was in the picture of the Murphys and a voice came through on Donna’s recorder that said, “The Murphys.” It wasn’t heard at the time but was recorded on the recorder, making it a true EVP. It’s very hard to hear without headphones, so I didn’t include it here.

One guest asked if they liked to party and it sounded like a man said “Yep!”

They then asked what their favorite colors were and a male said “Blue.”

They then did a dowsing rod session:

  • He/she came there as a child
  • Her name is Emily
  • She’s a teenager
  • Her family isn’t there with her
  • It makes her sad
  • She was married (rods and Portal both said yes)
  • There are more than one of them in the room

Amanda Bryden shared several stories she’d heard about Murphy Auditorium. She said that lights would sometimes turn on and off on stage. The piano in the basement sometimes plays on its own too. Several people had experiences in the basement. She’d straighten up after the actors and stack the magazines. After she straightened them, she went into another room and came back to find the stack moved from one location to another even though she was alone in the building. This happened several times.

Amanda also told us that the old Rappite School once sat on the grounds where Murphy Auditorium is now located. During our break, we walked outside and found the stone marker. It certainly made us wonder if some of the haunting came with the land.

Third Session

Donna’s last session started with a Portal session. They didn’t get much, so they moved to dowsing rods.

  • She liked cherry pie
  • She rode horses
  • James was also there.
  • They know who Father Rapp is
  • They know who Robert Owen is
  • One of them was born in the 1900s
  • There was a librarian there
  • They confirmed that James was there
  • There were more than five people there
  • There was also a Jennifer there
  • They asked the rods to point to the puppy in the room (Harvey the service dog) and they did

They moved back to using the Portal. Donna asked if they remembered anyone’s name and they said, “You.”

Channeling Session

Once again we were treated to a channeling session by Lisa Dickens. Her sessions are always so interesting.

Thank you to everyone who came out and extra thanks to my team for the seamless investigation.

Community House #2 Investigation 10-23-21

Community House #2 is one of my favorite historic locations in the town of New Harmony, Indiana. It was built in circa 1820 by a group called the Harmonists, who were led by Father Georg Rapp. The building served as a meeting house, as well as a dormitory for the single members of their group.

While they were prosperous, the Harmonists only remained in the town they named Harmonie for ten years. Before they relocated back to Pennsylvania to start their third and final Utopian Society, they sold the town to a man named Robert Owen. His version of Utopia was vastly different from the hard-working, religious Harmonists. His vision for the town was to turn it into a “New Moral World,” focusing on education, social reform and scientific studies.

While Owen’s utopia only lasted for two years, the strides they made planted seeds which would continue to flourish decades, if not centuries, after the group disbanded. Wanting education to be readily available, Community House #2 became a school for children of all ages. Years later, the building was used for a variety of purposes, including a cigar factory, a tea room, boarding house and furniture store. As we’ve found from previous investigations, many of the occupants never left the building.

After a brief presentation on the history of the building, we divided into three groups. I led the investigation on the first floor, while Rosie Benton took the second floor, and Traci Hoehn held court on the third floor.

First Floor

I had planned on utilizing a variety of equipment during my sessions, but the Spirit Box was so active, I ended up sticking with it. A Spirit Box is basically a modified radio that scans rapidly through the channels, only landing on each station for a fraction of a second. The ghosts in the area are able to speak through the white noise, allowing us to communicate with them in real time.

It’s been several years since we’ve investigated the building, so I believe it took them a while to warm up to our equipment. During my first group, we heard a variety of responses, but many of them were too muddled to fully understand. Finally, towards the end of the session, someone asked, “Did you work here?” The response was clear. “We did,” they said.

One guest asked if they had any children. A female responded with, “He didn’t.” This was curious because the male didn’t answer for himself.

Another guest asked if they liked to cook. A female voice came through loud and clear. “So close to me.” Was she referring to her love of cooking, or was someone close to her? We didn’t get any clarification.

The second group came in after a quick break, ready to investigate. They had a bit more success with the Spirit Box. The ghosts were getting warmed up.

During a large portion of the second session, there was a strange humming sound recorded on the digital recorder. We didn’t hear it at the time, which makes it a true EVP. An EVP is a ghost voice spoken at a different frequency than what our ears can pick up, but is recorded on the digital recorder.

Someone asked if they enjoyed cooking and a female responded with, “It was sustenance.” This was something that resonated deeply with me. She might have spent hours slaving over a hot pot or stove, depending on the era, to make sure everyone had enough to eat. It wouldn’t be remotely similar to our modern cooking routines.

Another guest asked if they ever look out the windows. A somber male voice came across with a touch of sarcasm in his voice and said, “Yeah.” There was a slight question to his tone, as if implying that everyone looks out windows. Sometimes I think they get annoyed by our questions.

I don’t recall my group being overly tense, but the ghosts were picking up on this. One of them exclaimed, “What a tense group!” Then later, another said, “A little tense,” when asked about his favorite time of the year.

Someone asked if the little boy was with us and a female voice said, “Florence Penny.” I was unable to find any information on this name, but it may come up at a later date.

The best experience the second group had was when one of the guests asked if they could play the game “Hot and Cold.” If the ghost was close, she asked him/her to say, “Hot,” but if they were far away, they were to say, “Cold.” We got an immediate response. “Little hot,” a male voice said. It sounded like the same man who told us he liked to look out the window.

Normally, in investigations like this, the ghosts are worn out by the third session and the responses are few and far between. This wasn’t the case for Community House #2. They were only getting warmed up.

My third group had quite a bit of activity too. Someone asked if there had ever been a fire there. A male voice responded with, “You’re a teenager!”

Someone else asked if the ghosts were in front of them or behind them. A female voice surprised us all by telling us, “Above you.”

Knowing the town newspaper was once printed in the building, one of our guests told them she was waiting for a newspaper. “It’s coming,” a female voice told her.

It’s possible they were beginning to tire of our questions. When one of the guests asked if we were talking to a child, a male voice said, “Stop your asking!”

Someone asked if anyone was there with him, and a male voice told her, “Cody.”

(Above) One of the breakout sessions on the first floor

Second Floor

Rosie Benton led the groups in dowsing rod sessions. As we’ve seen in previous investigations, some people are instantly good at using the rods, while others just can’t seem to make them work.

Over the course of the night, groups filtered into the second floor room that was once one used for lodging, both during the Harmonist period and later, when it was a boarding house. We used another adjoining room for “breakout sessions,” putting two or three people alone in the room with a pendulum.

Many people connected with the little boy who roams the hallways and several others connected with a woman whose timeline there was unspecified. Several people connected with departed loved ones, while others learned about the history of the building. One curious thing happened during one of the breakout sessions. Two men and a woman went into the other room. As they were finishing, one of them saw a dark shadow sweep across the wall beside him. It caused his EMF meter to flash red. He then felt something sit on the old straw mattress beside him. It was enough to cause him to jump up, startled.

All in all, everyone enjoyed their dowsing rod session with Rosie Benton.

Third Floor – written by Traci Hoehn

This third floor of Community House 2 is always active for our investigations, and this investigation was no exception.  Throughout the night we experienced what seems to be an intelligent haunting, meaning a ghost who is aware of us and can communicate with us, through the dowsing rods and the spirit box.  While using the spirit box, Traci utilized the Estes Method.  This means that the spirit box was run through earbuds, then noise blocking headphones are put on, and finally an eye mask is put on.  This means the listener has no awareness of the questions being asked.  Instead, the listener just says what they hear out loud to the group.  This method cuts out incorrect interpretations due to expected answers.

With the dowsing rods, all three groups had some activity.  In the first session, group three was speaking with a man who lived in the building on the second floor.  He came with the Owen group and was a teacher.  He came to New Harmony with a wife and children.  He also denied that the children were well behaved.  He loved teaching and reading.  Interestingly, only women had success with the dowsing rods in this group.  During the second session, group two spoke with a female Harmonist.  She came from Germany on a boat and had family and children here.  This ghost also affirmed she was here when the support beam broke during a previous investigation.  The third session with group one was the least productive dowsing session.  They had very few responses, but the ghost did affirm that they ran the printing press and printed a lot of newspapers.

The ghosts seemed to become more comfortable with the Estes method as the night progressed.  The first session may have been talking to a ghost named Nick.  When they asked if they were still talking to Nick, the ghost proclaimed “My friends!”  There was also some communication with a teacher from the Owen period.  The funniest interaction for this session came at the very end.  Joni came upstairs to announce break time.  When she came into view of the group, the ghost shouted, “It appears!”  By the time the second session rolled around, the ghosts had gotten the hang of spirit box communication with several intelligent exchanges taking place.

Four distinct voices came through the spirit box during the second session.  One of them worked for the newspaper and another spoke French.  Yet another left us stumped by talking about a fire saying: “We left it burning.  Hours ago.”  That voice also spoke about girls being in the room going back and forth.  Three of the ghosts introduced themselves during this session saying “I’m Jackson,” “I’m Nick,” and “I’m Allan.”  One of the ghosts had quite a sarcastic attitude.  After a lull the following exchange took place:

                Guest: Do you still want to speak with us?

                Ghost: You

                Guest: Do you live here?

                Ghost: This is a place.

                Guest: Did you live on this floor? 

Ghost: When it’s time. And it’s moving.

                Guest: Did you work on this floor?

Ghost: I’m done.  The last one. It’s time.

                Guest: Time for what? 

Ghost: Over there. Drowned.

                Guest: Who drowned? 

Ghost: Well, look at you.

The exchange was fast paced, and the ghost seemed to be challenging the more direct questions with sarcasm.  The most surprising responses during this second session had to do with the movements of those sitting in the circle.  At one point two people adjusted in their seats, to which the ghosts said, “Move more.”  A later exchange via the spirit box proved to be more interesting:

                Ghost: Go down.

                Guest: Go down to what?

                Ghost: You go down.

                Guest: Do you want me to go downstairs?

                Ghost: See.

The guest then got out of his seat and walked towards the stairs, pretending he was going to go down.  When he returned to his seat, the ghost seemed unhappy.

                Ghost: Do it!

The third session was just as fruitful as the second session.  The name Jack came through and he told the group that he was sick and died of the flu.  He seemed more forlorn than the previous ghosts and expressed that he felt regret during his death.  Jack wasn’t without humor though.  One guest asked if Jack liked Rock and Roll which was met with a swift ‘No.”  They followed up by asking if Jack even knew what Rock and Roll was.  The spirit box replied, “This is it,” which was followed by a loud bang of the elevator, causing quite a startle in the group.  Perhaps the alarm was warranted as the voices through the spirit box kept warning of a man standing behind them, asserted they were armed, and kept saying “Watch out!”  The ghosts tried to keep the last group on track during the session.  While the group was discussing the warnings, the ghost said, “Of course it’s Nick.”  Someone then asked the ghost to describe Nick, to which the replay was, “Hey! Nobody cares now.” During a later lull in the conversation and questions the ghost also encouraged the group to “keep going.”

Overall, the use of the Estes method was quite successful for the night.  While the names, Jackson (Jack), Nick, and Allan came up throughout the night, we will need to do further research on two of those names.  The third, Nick, may be associated with one of the formed printers, Harry “Nick” Slater.


(Above) one of the breakout sessions in the old print shop

Community House #2 never disappoints us. The souls who linger there are always eager to communicate with us and share small details of their lives. We are grateful for the experience.

Thank you to everyone who came out! And thanks to my amazing team for making it happen!

(Above) Joni and Traci

A Different Kind of Paranormal Investigation


When I first started doing paranormal investigation, I stuck with the current trend of conducting a “scientific investigation.” My friends and I spent tremendous amounts of money on paranormal equipment and used them for every investigation. We set up cameras in all the known hot-spots and used meters and devices to measure and record the energy in the room in the hopes of capturing evidence of paranormal activity.

As I became more experienced, the traditional investigations began to bore me. I was so tired of the concept, of asking all the same old questions and then listening to hours of recorded audio in my hopes of capturing a ghostly voice. I was also worried. While we were capturing evidence, we weren’t doing anything to solve the issue. This especially bothered me with private investigations.

When a homeowner asked us to come in because they were experiencing something they couldn’t explain, they were often frightened by the activity. When footsteps are heard in the middle of the night or voices drifted through the house when no one was home, they often thought the worst. And who can blame them?

Most people’s perception of ghosts is based on what they see in the media. Nice ghosts exist, but they don’t sell out movie theaters. Instead, Hollywood invests in the darker side of the paranormal world, largely excluding the majority of the paranormal arena. I have probably contributed to this personification as well by writing about my horrific experiences in dealing with darker entities. The fact is: the paranormal world is far more complicated.

There are a mixture of good and bad ghosts, along with entities that were never human. In some cases, they already have a system set up, one that doesn’t require human involvement to keep it continuing. It’s the humans who need to be schooled, not the ghosts.

As my abilities as an intuitive medium expanded, I found that I was able to connect directly with the ghosts in residence. I no longer needed a digital recorder to hear their voices. I could now go directly to the source. This changed everything for me.

Now, when I go on a private investigation, I don’t bother with most of my equipment.I bring a high quality electromagnetic frequency (EMF) meter that I use to rule out high levels of energy that might be impacting the living. Sometimes, a malfunctioning electrical device can emit high levels of EMF, which can cause people to react in the same way they might if a ghost were present.

To explain this further, high EMF often makes people feel as though they are being watched. An example would be a house we investigated where the owners felt as though they were being watched while they sat in their living room. A quick sweep with the EMF meter revealed two air purifiers that were situated at opposite ends of the room. They were both old and outdated and were pouring high levels of EMF into the room. Once they were removed, the feelings of being watched disappeared altogether. To read more about the effects of high EMF, click HERE to read a previous blog post.

When I investigate private homes now, my most valuable tools are my friends and teammates. I bring like-minded people with mediumistic abilities. Together we’re able to identify what is causing (or not causing in some cases) the haunting and put together a plan to resolve the issues.

During a recent investigation, I was invited to the home of a friend who had just purchased a house. He hadn’t necessarily experienced any activity that would put him on Paranormal Witness, but he was uncomfortable in his home all the same. It had a bad vibe. It didn’t feel right. It was as though he wasn’t welcomed there. I stopped him before he could go into more details that might impact our walk-through of the property.

I brought two people along with me who I knew could help me get to the bottom of the haunting: Ken Murray and Barbara Niles. Sandy MacLeod often joins us, but was unable to attend this time.

Ken Murray is a talented psychic medium who has blown me away with his abilities and Barbara Niles is far more talented than she gives herself credit for. I met both of them through the Paranormal 101 classes I used to teach in the town of Gardner, Massachusetts. Sandy’s abilities are similar to mine. We are somewhere between Ken and Barbara. We both get distinct impressions when a ghost is nearby.


(Above) My Dream Team L-R: Joni Mayhan, Sandy MacLeod, Ken Murray and Barbara Niles

As we came into the house, I warned the homeowner to stay silent about the activity he had been experiencing. We wanted to go in completely cold, not knowing anything about the haunting or the history of the house that might taint our impressions. As a medium, this is very important. We are filtering any messages we might receive through our human bodies. If our brains are already thinking about the dark shadow he often sees at the end of the bed, we’ll be looking for dark energy. It might even lead us to mix our own impressions with the information we’ve been told, changing it completely.

We started on the third floor in an area that we later learned had once been servant’s quarters in the massive Craftman-styled house. Armed with notepads and writing utensils, we split up into separate rooms and allowed the energy to speak to us.

Being clairaudient, I alway hear tones that are similar to ear ringing. Once I tune into the sound, I am able to connect with the soul attached to it. In the first room, I picked up a tone that I identified as a young female. As I allowed the connection to grow, I saw her in my mind’s eye and began to hear her words. The first thing I saw was long light-brown hair that trailed down her back. As she turned, I saw a bit of her face. She was young, probably in her late teens or early twenties, and she was sad. As I studied her, I learned that she was an Irish immigrant, brought to this country to work for an American family, possibly as a nanny or housekeeper. “I just want to go home,” she told me.

Knowing we still had a lot of house to cover, I moved into another room on the third floor. I then connected in similar fashion with a heavy-set older woman with dark hair that was pulled into a knot on the back of her head. She struck me as motherly and matronly. She felt like a housekeeper to me, someone who took care of the family, as well as the rest of the staff. I saw her folding laundry, humming while she worked.

I moved onto a third room as Ken and Barbara switched rooms too. During this time, we didn’t say any more to one another than deciding on what to call the rooms so we could discuss them later. We decided on Room 1, Room 2, Room 3 and Room 4. Room 1 was where I felt the girl. Room 3 was where I felt the older woman. In Room 4 I got an impression of children and saw a child’s sailboat. I didn’t connect with any energy, except for the younger woman who was following me. I quickly moved onto Room 2 and discovered the reason for the haunting.

I didn’t need to listen for the tone. The impression came to me immediately. I saw a tall man with ramrod straight posture and dark hair. He had an air about him of importance, but the word that rose in my mind was “butler.” He felt he was better than everybody else. We were all beneath him. I saw him actively trying to disturb the living, making them as uncomfortable as possible.

Once everyone was finished, we moved through the rest of the house, feeling the energy and quietly writing down our impressions. By the time we made our way to the basement, I had also connected with a woman from the 1920’s. I saw her as tall and fashionably thin, wearing a pale beige silk dress with fringe along the hem. She was worried about something, but I couldn’t pick up on the source of her discontent until we got to the basement.

Basements are often my favorite places in haunted location. Not because they are creepy and dark, but because they seem to be the place where ghosts go to hide when the living impede upon their space. This basement was different though.

It was brightly lit and freshly painted. If you saw a photo of it, you wouldn’t immediately think it was creepy, but the energy said otherwise. It felt as though the air itself was sizzling with electricity. It was hard to breath, feeling like the air was thick and heavy. I did a quick sweep with the EMF detector, not finding anything amiss.

Soon, an image rose in my mind of wooden cases filled with glass bottles. I felt myself being drawn to a far corner of the room that had been sectioned off in a closet to house the well pump. “This is where they hid it,” a voice said in my mind. I identified the source of the voice as coming from the fashionable 1920’s woman and realized that this was the reason behind her anxiety. “Flowers cover up the scent,” she told me.

Scent? I looked around, trying to make sense of what I was being told and then it dawned on me. Alcohol. Instinctively, I knew that the house was used during the prohibition days to hide alcohol. While she was worried about it, her husband was almost glib. “Don’t worry about it. We won’t get caught,” he told her.

Once Ken and Barbara were finished writing down their own impressions, we reconvened outside on the porch steps to discuss our findings.

This is always a worrisome moment for me. I often doubt the impressions that I feel, wondering if my highly active imagination was simply manufacturing all the information. It made sense that I would identify the third floor as servant’s quarters. Most old houses were set up in that fashion and the staff I saw were traditional roles that were often employed in wealthy households. The 1920’s woman fit the time period that I had established in my mind, which also fit the style of the house. Was this nothing more than a nice story?

“Ken, why don’t you start,” I suggested, waiting with baited breath to hear what he was going to say. Ken has impressed me over the past year with his findings. He’s almost alway dead-on in his impressions, helping us solve many cases.

“I felt an older woman on the third floor, who I feel was a maid or a nanny,” he said and went onto describe her exactly as I saw her myself. Being a far better medium than I’ll ever be, he also added details, such as the color of her dress and the jewelry she was wearing.

He also picked up on the younger woman and the butler, adding in more layers. He thought the young woman’s name was Anna and saw her with her hair pulled up in a bun. Barbara’s notes revealed similar impressions.Because she is still in the beginning stages of her spiritual advancements, her encounters were less detailed. She identified the older woman, the younger woman and the man. Neither of them picked up on the 1920’s woman, but they both felt children present, which went along with my feelings about the bedroom with the sailboat.

Our only disagreement came in the basement. Ken saw a fight between two men that led to one of the men being stabbed. He also felt that the younger woman was having an affair with the former male owner of the house, something that might have contributed to the fight. He didn’t get any impressions about alcohol, but thought it made sense as he listened to me talk. Barbara also felt alcohol was involved, but felt like it was stolen.

All three of us agreed that the source of the haunting was the male butler. Ken felt as though he probably stood at the end of the homeowner’s bed and presented himself in shadows.He also thought the homeowner might feel as though someone was watching him while he was in the shower and that the bathroom door might occasionally pop open on it’s own.

We also all agreed that while the butler was an angry soul, he wasn’t powerful enough to do anything more than rattle doorknobs and create shadows. The older maid kept him in check, preventing him from attempting anything truly frightening or dangerous. Ken also felt that she liked the current homeowner and would work to keep him protected.

At that point, we took our findings to the homeowner and learned more history of the house. As it turns out, the house across the street had a hidden tunnel that led from the basement to the garage, something that the current owners suspected was created during the prohibition days. Was this connected?

As we thought about it, it began to make sense. Even though we were all different in our findings, they fit an overall story. If the people across the street had an illegal still or were bringing in alcohol for the sake of reselling it, it would make sense that the man in the house we investigated might have been a part of it, perhaps even breaking into his house to steal it and then hide it in his basement. If he were caught by his neighbor, a fight could have broken out. Even though we were forcing the pieces together, they fit.

In the end, we decided not to do anything about the haunting. Sometimes this is the best method. The dead have worked out a system of checks and balances. Often, we join hands and create a sacred circle where we envision a white light above our heads. We then encourage any lost souls to go through it, bringing them to a place most people call Heaven. While this is usually successful for us, it wasn’t the right thing to do in this case. If we attempted to cross over one or more of them, we might end up doing more harm than good. The heavy-set maid might have crossed over, leaving the angry butler there alone without anyone to prevent him from going after the living. It wasn’t worth taking the chance. It was better to leave it as we found it.

The only one I felt bad about was the younger Irish immigrant woman. She had been following me all night and was nearby as we spoke to the homeowner.

Mentally, I connected with her and told her about the white light, showing her an image of her floating towards it and finding her way to Heaven, where her family was waiting for her. I felt her acknowledgement and knew that she would go when she was ready.

Once we explained our findings to the homeowner, he felt better about the situation. Being a person who is involved in paranormal events, he was well-versed in the ways that ghosts often function. The reason why his house didn’t feel warm and welcoming was because the butler was impacting his emotions.

“Ask the maid to help you. Ask her if she will keep him away from you,” I suggested.

“You might also make an offering to the male butler, to appease him in a sense,” Ken said. “I see a decanter of liquor, possibly bourbon. Put it on a shelf in the dining room and tell him that it’s for him,” he said.

“And flowers for the maid,” I added, somehow knowing that she’d enjoy them.

Ken also gave the homeowner a stick of palo santos wood, which we often use in place of sage to “cleanse” the air to make the energy more positive and instructed him on how to use it. “Light it and then let it smolder in a small fire-proof bowl and then allow the smoke to fill the air in the rooms,” he told him. “When you finish, it will feel much lighter in here.”

After we said our goodbyes to the homeowner, we gathered by our cars and chatted about the evening. All in all, we felt good about what we did. We didn’t remove any energy or cross over any weary souls, but sometimes that’s the best thing to do. We simply went in, evaluated the situation and made a decision. I know that some mediums will disagree with what we did, but that’s to be expected. Everyone has differing opinions and we did what we felt was best for this case. If the activity picks up or becomes threatening in any way, we can always go back and do something different. Sometimes it’s better to just leave things as you found them.


Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigation and the author of 15 paranormal books. She also teaches a popular online Paranormal 101 class.  For more information about Joni or her books or classes, click HERE .




Exploring Your Sixth Sense


People often ask me how they can develop their sixth sense and it’s not an easy question to answer. Everyone’s abilities are unique. Not everyone feels it the same way.

When I was a child, I had frequent ear ringing. Instinctively, I knew I was hearing the sound of a ghost. When I would hear the random ringing, I would feel as though someone was standing beside me. It wasn’t something I could easily explain. I just knew.

It wasn’t until I was much older that I decided to embrace my abilities instead of run from them. After a lifetime of having paranormal experiences, I knew there wasn’t anywhere I could possibly run that they couldn’t follow me.

I started by researching all the possible types of mediumistic gifts. I learned about the “clairs.” There were clairvoyants – people who had clear seeing and would see mind images. Some people were claircognizant. They simply knew things they shouldn’t have had access to. Others were clairsentient and felt physical symptoms when a ghost was nearby. My gift was clairaudience. I had clear hearing.

I quickly learned that most people with my ability don’t hear ear ringing. They hear voices or music or sounds. At the time, I didn’t have a mentor to work with so I had to figure it all out on my own. Thankfully, a friend of mine was also embracing her sixth sense, so we helped each other through it.

Sandy is clairsentient. While some people with this ability feel nauseated when a ghost is nearby, others feel a tightening in their chest or feel the hairs on the back of their neck stand at attention. For Sandy, her ability also didn’t follow the norm. She felt a tingling on her head, as though her scalp was crawling.

Together, we worked on our abilities. If I heard a ringing, I asked her if she felt a tingling. Using each other for validation was a tremendous bonus. We were able to eliminate all sense of doubt when we both felt our sixth senses come to life at the same time.

Like all muscles, the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. Soon, we both began getting other signs that the dead were nearby. As soon as my ears would ring, if I honed in on it, I got a “mind picture” that popped into my head. Sandy soon began getting the same thing. Then, I simply began knowing information that I shouldn’t have known. Was it possible that my clairaudience led to clairvoyance and claircognizance as well?

In the years since I began working on my abilities, I’ve learned that this is something that happens to most sensitives. Once you master one ability, it’s as though you were given an upgrade. I can now read energy from photographs or from talking to someone on the phone. Information floods my mind in ways I couldn’t imagine.

If you feel that you have a six sense you’d like to develop, begin searching for others who are in the same boat. They aren’t actually hard to find. Just start talking about it to the people you know. People often hide their gifts because they’re afraid people will think they’re crazy. If you can’t find it there, look for mediums in your area who are willing to work with you. And most of all, read everything you can get your hands on. Knowledge is power in the paranormal world. You can never know too much.

For more information on exploring your sixth sense, check out my book Dark and Scary Things – A Senstive’s Guide to the Paranormal World

Dark and Scary Things cover

The Power of Thoughts in the Paranormal World


Julie was intuitive and could feel the energy long before she walked into the haunted building. Someone told her that the entity might be demonic, so she steeled herself, trying to work up the nerve to go inside. She knew that demons weren’t something she should mess with, but she was excited to experience it firsthand. She just hoped it wouldn’t hurt her.

Does this scenario sound familiar? As more and more people delve into the world of the paranormal, they often find themselves in situations they aren’t prepared to handle. I experienced this first hand when I investigated a location that was known to have negative energy. I ended up with a negative attachment that stuck with me for months and was the subject of my book The Soul Collector.

Most people aren’t aware of how powerful their thoughts are. Just thinking something fuels it with power and gives it the momentum to become a reality.

Think about it in regards to your everyday life. When you roll out of bed on a Monday morning, do you groan, dreading the day ahead of you? If you do, you will probably have the day you envisioned. Your mind latches onto this conception and turns a thought into reality. You will probably have a rotten day.

If you roll out of bed and see the day as a blank canvas, filled with opportunities, looking past the obligations and requirements you must fulfill, your day will go much better. Much of this is due to the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction. Everything in this world is made of vibrations.The chair you sit in, the floor you stand on, even the thoughts that ramble through your mind all vibrate. When you put a negative thought out into the Universe, it acts like a blueprint. Everything else will be built on top of it and you will draw in more negative things. If you aren’t grateful for everything the Universe has given you, why would it give you more?

In the paranormal world, thoughts are compounded by the fact that the entities often know what you are thinking. Yes, they can hear your thoughts. That’s how they communicate with one another and, often, with us as well.

Imagine walking up to a school yard bully and telling him that he is strong and unbeatable. It will pump him up and make him feel even stronger than he actually is. This is the same concept as walking into a haunted location and believing it is infested with demonic activity. Chances are, the entity inside is just a human soul who has a bad attitude. When you give him the title of “demon” you infuse him with power. You give him ideas and the free will to do what he would like. If you fear that he might follow you home, it acts like an invitation.

Fear is a tremendous motivator in the paranormal world. It feeds them, acting like super-powered rocket fuel. Allow yourself to be afraid and you are giving them the ability to scare you even more. Promote them with a higher ranking title, like “Demon” and you are empowering them to be stronger. Give them ideas, like following you home or hurting you, and you are giving them a to-do list of things to accomplish.

Most of the strongest methods of paranormal protection revolve around your thoughts and intent. You can carry as many crucifixes and gemstones as you want, but if you don’t believe they are protecting you, you are doing nothing more than carrying useless objects. Protection items, if fully empowered by your beliefs, act like touch stones. You touch them and it reminds you that you are safe, which means that the real catalyst behind the protection comes from inside you. The stones and medallions don’t protect you, YOU protect you.

In Julie’s case, if she is fearful of the location and believes demons loom inside the haunted location, she shouldn’t go inside. She should start with some locations that aren’t as volatile, places where she can learn slowly. Jumping into the fire will only get her burned. In addition, her fear will fuel the entity inside and could make it a dangerous situation for everyone else on the investigation. It will act like a snowball rolling down a hill. As soon as the entity understands that it has so much power, it will get stronger and stronger until someone ends up getting hurt.

Paranormal protection isn’t something anyone should take lightly, especially if you are sensitive to their energy. They know this too. They see you shining brightly. Your energy is like nectar to them. They will do anything for a sample. They might even follow you home.

Keep this in mind during the October season especially. The veil is thinner this time of the year, giving the dead a freer range to inhibit our world. Be safe, be smart, and keep your thoughts positive. It will make a difference. Trust me.

You can find more information about paranormal protection in my book Dark and Scary Things – A Sensitive’s Guide to the Paranormal World.

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and the author of 17 paranormal books. Click on the cover to learn more about each book.

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The Dangers of Ghost Hunting


It looks like fun, something entertaining to do on a boring Saturday night. You imagine calling a few friends and heading out to the closest graveyard to see what it’s all about. The truth is: paranormal investigating can be dangerous.

I know this firsthand. After making several beginner’s mistakes, I encountered several low vibrational entities that followed me home and made my life a living hell for months on end. Had I known what I know now, I would have done things much differently.

A paranormal investigation shouldn’t be treated like a fun night out. It should be planned with the same care and respect that you’d use if you decided to start cave diving. You certainly wouldn’t just go out and purchase scuba equipment and head to your nearest cave. You’d spend months, if not years, learning how to dive first to prevent yourself from getting lost and drowning inside a cave. You’d then research and train with someone who knew how to cave dive. You would also bring a map, as well as a companion who knew the cave well.

The biggest danger with paranormal investigating is the unknown factor. Ghosts come in many varieties. Like people, there are harmless ones and there are dangerous ones. Unlike people, ghosts are invisible and you might not be able to tell the difference until it’s too late.

People who are sensitive to spiritual energy have far more to worry about than non-sensitives. Not only do ghosts see us and recognize the fact that we can also detect them, they might grow curious enough to follow you home. Once they’ve attached to you, they will attempt to get your attention. This could include moving items around your house or making sounds that you can detect. If the entity is negative in nature, they will probably attempt to pull your energy, something they will use to grow stronger. The footsteps and misplaced items will quickly escalate to more serious dangers. They might turn on burners on your gas stove, something I’ve had happen before, or they might push you when you walk down a steep flight of stairs. If they think they can get away with it, they might even attempt to take you over.

We often think demonic entities are the only entities that can possess a person, but this isn’t necessarily true. There are some very high-powered human ghosts who have the same capabilities. Beyond even demonic or earth-bound ghosts is the possibility of entities from other dimensions. The problem is, when they cause your EMF meter to spike at an investigation, they all look the same.

Sensitives should be well-versed in paranormal protection before they actively put themselves in harm’s way. They need to study the various protection methods until they find one that works for them. As they start out, they should always investigate with a mentor who can help keep them safe.  Here are some tips to help you stay protected:

Grounding and Shielding

Learn how to ground and shield yourself. Grounding is the process of removing all negative energy from your body. My favorite technique for this is to imagine a ball of pure white light above my head. As I inhale, I visualize this white light filling my body, while simultaneously pushing the negative energy down through me, where it can sink deeply into the ground. Some people visualize themselves as trees with deep roots as they do this. To shield, you build a bubble of white light around you, and then set a time limit on it. I usually set my shield daily, infusing it with the intent that it will keep me safe from any energies that aren’t mine for 24 hours, the maximum time amount. If you don’t set a time, your shield will only last for several hours.

Protection Touch-stones

Many people carry gemstones in their pocket, such as black tourmaline or tiger’s eye, which have protective properties. Other people wear crucifixes or religious medallions. While these items will help you stay protected, they also serve as a reminder. Many people believe that you already have everything you need to keep yourself protected inside you. By touching the stone or wearing the cross, you reinforce your internal belief that you are protected.

External Assistance

Whether you are praying to a higher power or calling in your Spirit Guides, you should always utilize this extra assistance. It’s like having a posse of warriors who will run defense for you. Without them, you are vulnerable to attack.

Keep Your Vibration High

Everyone and everything vibrates with frequency. When people are feeling good and everything in their lives are running smoothly, they vibrate at a high rate. When they are feeling depressed or are physically ill, they’re vibration decreases. Ghosts vibrate at different rates too. A positive entity will vibrate at a much higher rate than a negative one. They can only attach to you if your frequencies are similar. If you don’t feel well or have had a horrible fight with a friend, don’t go on the investigation, especially if you are a sensitive. You will be much more vulnerable to picking up an attachment.

Some other tips:

  1. Never antagonize the dead. Provoking comes with a heavy price considering you don’t know what you’re truly dealing with. You could be screaming at a lost child who has been trapped in our world for centuries or you could be taunting something inhuman, who considers your insults an invitation. Tread lightly and be polite.
  2. Unless you have several years in the field, always investigate with a mentor, someone who can help keep you protected. If you are a sensitive, find an experienced medium who is willing to take you under his or her wing. They can not only alert you to possible dangers, but they can help you advance your own abilities.
  3. Stay away from unknown factors. This includes cemeteries, old prisons, old hospitals and location where humans have suffered. Start out with public events at locations that have been fully investigated before. It might initially seem like driving with training wheels, but you should always learn in a somewhat safe environment. With that said, still employ caution. Ghosts often come in with other investigators and decide to camp out at new locations.
  4. Don’t attempt private investigations at people’s homes until you have several years of experience under your belt. Yes, you do need to learn the craft of investigating sometime, but don’t learn at the expense of a homeowner. Any mistakes you make will be left for someone else to deal with. Private events are also risky because you don’t know what you’re dealing with until you investigate the location, which puts you at risk, as well.
  5. NEVER investigate your own home. If you have a ghost in residence, call in someone else to help, preferably a medium who can communicate directly with the entity. If you do EVP sessions and frequently try to capture the ghost on a camera, you are giving it more fuel to stay. The attention you provide it with acts as an invitation, which will make it much harder to remove later.
  6. Do not give ghosts permission to touch you or use your energy. Essentially, what you’re doing is inviting them inside the shield you’ve carefully constructed, giving them an opportunity to connect to you. If they use your energy, you will probably find yourself on the brink of exhaustion the next morning, making you more prone to illness.
  7. When you leave the location, I recommend doing a closing ceremony. Basically, this entails telling the ghosts that they must remain at the location and cannot follow you home. We will often burn sage and do a smudging of each participant before they leave, as an extra measure. You should also cut your cords. Entities, and even people, connect to one another with invisible energy cords. Cut these with your non-dominant hand, envisioning the ethereal cords breaking in half. Then imagine white light filling all the holes where the cords were once located. Once you’ve done this, leave. Don’t stand by your car and talk. This gives the dead more opportunities to attach to you.
  8. Cleanse yourself when you get home. I recommend taking a bath infused with sea salt and lavender. This cleanses the spiritual energy off you and also serves to relax you after an eventful investigation. Eat something healthy, as well. It’s recommended to eat foods that will help you ground. Nourishment that comes from the earth is usually the best. Nuts, grains, root vegetables and even chocolate are good for grounding.
  9. Ground and shield yourself before you begin reviewing your evidence the next day. If you didn’t fully cut your cords to the entities at the investigation, you will re-attach yourself to them when you begin listening to your audio recordings or combing through your photos or video captures.
  10. Never cut corners. Even if you are in a rush, always take the time to protect yourself before, during and after an investigation. The investment could end up saving you a lot of pain and suffering after the fact.

As an author and investigator, I’ve encountered dozens of scenarios that you will not want to experience. Ghost hunting is not fun and games. Sometimes it can be deadly. If you would like to learn more about the ins and outs of being a sensitive or would like to explore other avenues for paranormal protection, please check out my book Dark and Scary Things – A Sensitive’s Guide to the Paranormal World.

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and the author of 13 books, including Dark and Scary Things – A Sensitive’s Guide to the Paranormal World,  Devil’s Toy Box, The Soul Collector and Bones in the Basement, all available on, as well as and Smashwords. Click on any of the covers below to learn more about the book.

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Ghost of the Week Club


Sometimes I feel as though somebody enrolled me into the Ghost of the Week Club.

I am what they call a Beacon. For whatever reason, ghosts are drawn to me like a moth to a bug light. Many of them follow me home, hoping for a number of things. Some just want the human companionship, while others are hoping for help. Still others just want to draw my energy, like they do with many of the living.

As a sensitive, I always know when a ghost is present. I was blessed/cursed with an ability called Clairaudience. I hear them. They make a sound that is similar to ear ringing. They swoop around the room and the sound goes in and out, growing fainter as they move away from me and closer as they approach me. If there are several ghosts in the room, I can hear their unique tones move in and out of one another. At times, my room feels like it’s in the middle of spiritual warfare.

Three weeks ago, I picked up one of the worst entities I’ve ever experienced at an investigation. I knew there were several dark entities present the moment I stepped onto the property. I should have turned around and walked away, but I didn’t want to ruin everyone else’s evening since I was the driver. We drove nearly two hours for a fundraising ghost event and everyone was excited to be there. For many of them, it was their first investigation. I put my energies behind keeping them protected.

When we first arrived, I gathered my group in a circle and said a prayer to Saint Michael the Arch Angel, asking for protection. We were respectful and left areas when we received a response of “Go away!” on the Spirit Box. One ghost in particular seemed to be following me throughout the evening. I could feel his distinct energy and hear a tone that was deeper in pitch that helped me identify him. We called him “The Bad Guy in the Basement.” He was grumpy and angry, answering our questions with roars, while getting so close to us we could feel the hairs rising on the backs of our necks. As it turns out, it wasn’t the Bad Guy in the Basement I should have been worried about. It was the Ancient One down the lane.

I didn’t encounter him until right before I left. I walked outside with another group to conduct a quick EVP session near an old lane. Jeff, the caretaker of the property and an old friend, told us there were several powerful entities lingering on the property. He felt they were ancient, possibly not even human. I never even felt it drift close to us.

Some of the older, more advanced entities can mask their appearance, making them not only invisible, but undetectable. It wasn’t until I got home later that I realized something had come home with me.

As I slipped into bed, weary from a long night and an equally long drive, I felt him come near. He didn’t make a sound like the others do. Instead, I felt a deep vibration rumble through me. I felt as though I were lying on a metal grate with a train roaring past me overhead. It was so strong, it made the bed rattle with the vibration. My cats took one look at me and fled the bedroom with pinned ears and arched backs. As the night progressed, I began feeling electric fingers grasp onto my head, pushing and pushing as though my head would explode. In my mind, I got a picture of a watermelon exploding and knew this was what he was trying to do to me, as well.

I felt the same dismay I always feel when this happens. Why me? I am a experienced student of paranormal protection. I’ve even written a book about it. I had protective stones in my pocket, a Saint Benedict’s medal around my neck, and had built a shield of energy around me that felt strong and sturdy. Still, he got through my defenses.

The last time I experienced one this strong was when I came in contact with the Soul Collector. Not having any viable resources at the time, I had to endure his wraith for several months before someone could pull him off of me before he could claim me as one of his own. This time things were different. I had Michael.

Michael Robishaw is a Shaman from Alexandria, Virginia. I met him at an investigation at the Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner, Massachusetts, several years ago and maintained a friendship. I didn’t realize he had amazing abilities until later when something followed me home and he offered to help me. He said he would send in his guides to pull the entity out of my space and he did.

The results were so outstanding, I wanted to praise his abilities, but he was hesitant to allow the information to become public knowledge. People would talk. They would roll their eyes, thinking he was nothing more than a snake oil salesman, pretending to have magical powers. Reluctantly, I kept the information to myself, but I still called on him when I needed him.

After spending an entire night riveted to my bed, afraid to even close my eyes, I contacted him the next morning. He promised to send his guides in that evening at 11pm. As the time grew near, I sat in my bed reading, hoping to experience the extermination of this entity. I wasn’t disappointed. At 11pm on the mark, I heard a high-pitched tone sweep into the room. Soon, it was joined by others. They swirled around my room like a chorus of angels, their tones so pure in pitch, they sounded like the ringing of bells, but the vibration of my bed continued.

Several hours later, I heard another tone come in. It was so loud, I nearly had to cover my ears. It almost sounded like lasers zapping through my room. The high-pitched sounds retreated to the edges of the room as though they were watching something so spectacular, they wanted a front row seat. The laser sounds continued for nearly an hour before the room grew silent and the bed stopped vibrating.

Gone was the feeling of someone lumbering over me, sending angry energy though every cell in my body. The room was silent. As a Clairaudient, the sound of silence is amazing. It meant there weren’t any ghosts in my room.

I followed up the next morning by lining my doorways and windowsills with sea salt and spraying Holy Water onto every wall and window. When Michael contacted me later in the day to deliver the news, I wasn’t surprised. He told me it was an Ancient One. He said it was so strong his guides couldn’t budge it so he called in Arch Angels Michael and Raphael to assist. They bound and banished it, sending it to a place where it could never bother another human soul.

As can be expected, I was curious about this. I told Michael that at times, I could feel electric fingers digging into my head as if it was trying to get inside of me or possibly make my head explode. Michael confirmed this.”He was trying to get inside of you. He had been weakened and was trying to draw enough energy from you to take you over. It’s a good thing you contacted me when you did,” he said.

I felt as though I had dodged a bullet. I was so thankful that Michael had been there to help me. After going through what I did with the Soul Collector, I wasn’t keen on experiencing another more powerful entity. While it might have made a great book, I wasn’t sure I could have survived this one.

I left shortly afterwards for a trip to Indiana. I had a nice visit with my friends and family over Thanksgiving, but was eager to get back home to get back to my life and my writing. I always break the sixteen-hour drive into two days, since I’m the only one driving. By the eighth hour of my first day’s drive, I was getting tired. My back was hurting from the confinement of the seat and my eyes were growing road weary. I had just started looking for a hotel to stop at when I felt something swoop into the car.

Great. I tried to gather my energy to push it away. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Stronger mediums are able to do this without batting an eye, but I can’t always get a good grasp on it, especially at the end of an eight-hour drive. By the time I finally found a hotel, I was beyond beat. I logged onto Facebook and saw I had a message from Michael. “You picked up a hitchhiker along your way,” he said. “But, I’ll have my guides pull it off of you later.”

At 11pm, I heard the high-pitch sound swoop into my room, pushing away the deeper rumble of the unknown entity. The spiritual battle continued long into the night and into the morning. By 3am, my room was quiet again. While Michael’s guides were able to handle this one without the aid of Arch Angels, they had a difficult time. Negotiations had been dismal. The entity refused to leave me. I saw him in my mind as a young man with sandy brown hair and a cocky sneer on his face. Wanting to confirm my visions, I asked Michael what he looked like and he confirmed it, down to the smirky sneer on his face. The battle wasn’t easy and the entity wouldn’t move on, so his guides had to bind and banish another one for me, sending him to a place where he couldn’t cause more havoc.

I’ve always wondered what the reason for my gift/curse was. Surely there was a deeper meaning for it or at least a purpose. After working with Michael over the years, I’ve began to wonder if this is it. Am I the beacon who calls them in so that Michael can attend to them? It seems like a pretty small mission, compared to all the meandering ghosts out there in the world. It will take us an eternity to move through all of them. I tucked the thought away in my mind, not having any clear answers, as usual.

I only had a few days of respite before the next ghost found me. Michael cautioned me to stop ghost hunting for a while and work on clearing my aura, so I did. I turned down several investigations in favor of sitting at home with my cats, watching TV and writing. I only left the house to shop for groceries and to teach my weekly Paranormal 101 class. I became aware of Ghost #3 as I was getting ready to retire for bed.

This one was different. I felt the energy immediately. I could hear an actual tone with her, identifying her as a female. Since the tone wasn’t pure and bell-like, it also identified her as an Earth-bound soul, someone who wanted help. I tried to talk to her, counselling her like I sometimes do to find the white light and cross over, but my words fell on deaf ears. She hovered over my bed all night, keeping me awake with her frantic energy.

Michael sent his guides in the next night and she was gone by 1am. When I contacted him the next morning, he told me she was a lost soul. She was frightened and confused. He couldn’t get much information from her, but he was able to cross her over into the light, bringing her where she needed, and wanted, to be.

For months now, Michael has been my secret weapon. I’ve wanted to talk about his amazing gift and how profoundly he has helped me, but he’s been hesitant to let the news get out. I was thrilled when he finally gave me permission.

In February of next year, I plan to travel down to Alexandria, Virginia. We are going to write a book together about his amazing experiences as a Shaman. If nothing else, I am excited to learn more about the things he’s seen. I’m also hoping he can help me figure out how to help myself.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to be unenrolled from the Ghost of the Week Club. But, if another ghost shows up, I am beyond relieved to know I have a savior to rescue me one more time.

Joni Mayhan

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator, as well as a free-lance writer. Please check out her paranormal thrillers on and For more information about the author, please see her website:

Dark and Scary Things- A Sensitive's Guide to the Paranormal World cover Devil'sToy Box  bones-in-the-basement-cover-small  The_Soul_Collector_Cover_for_Kindle

Cleansing Spiritual Energy


Since the recent popularity of my paranormal true story books, The Soul Collector and Bones in the Basement, I’ve been flooded with requests to check out people’s houses for ghosts. While I’m quite adept at determining if there is a ghost present, if you’ve read The Soul Collector you’ll already know that I can’t do much about the haunting.

Ghosts are often deeply embedded into a home. Some have been there for decades, if not centuries. It will take more than a sweep of sage and well wishes to move them out of their comfy digs. Others have an agenda they can’t abandon simply because their presence is inconvenient to the living. In my opinion, only a talented psychic medium can evict them against their wishes.

That doesn’t leave much for the rest of us to work with, but I do have a few suggestions.

1. Start by calming the energy. Purchase white sage from your local metaphysical store. It can be mixed with cedar or sweet-grass for good effect. You should know that sage isn’t a cure all. You can’t just walk from room to room burning it and expect it to remove all the ghosts. Think of it more like ghost Valium. It calms down the spiritual energy, making them more willing to abide by your wishes. As you burn it, walk from room to room, covering every inch of the space, from ceiling to floor. Say aloud, “I cleanse this room with positive energy. No negative energy may remain.” Start from the top of the house (if there are multiple floors) and work your way down, from back to front. Once you are finished, crush the sage out on the sidewalk.

2. Now the true counselling begins. Imagine yourself as a ghost therapist. Talk to the energy and tell them about the white light. It opens up when we die and we are supposed to cross through it to get to the other side. Some people call this place on the other side Heaven or the Kingdom. It is a wonderful place, filled with all their loved ones and relatives who have passed on before them. Tell them it’s okay to cross over.

3. It is helpful, but not necessary, if you know the history behind the haunting. Often, souls balk at crossing over into the light at the time of their death. They begin to wonder if they were good enough in life to earn passage, fearing they will take an elevator directly down to fire and brimstone instead. This isn’t the case. Everyone is allowed to cross over. While they might not like the ramifications of their misdeeds, they aren’t sent directly to Hell. Some misdeeds aren’t misdeeds at all. They are considered a human condition. Suicides are a good example of this. Many churches tell their parishioners that if they commit suicide, they are condemned to Hell. When the time comes to cross over into the white light, they freeze fearfully and miss their chance to cross. Tell them they are forgiven, that God loves them and welcomes them.

4. Urge them to find the light to cross over. They can call out to their ancestors to help pull them through or to look for someone else’s white light to pass through. Funeral homes and churches are good places for them to look. Most souls linger around to attend their own funeral, perhaps checking out the attendance, and won’t cross until the service ends.

5. Don’t investigate your own home. I’ve been called to several homes only to discover the homeowner is actually pleased with the haunting. It’s almost as though they are showing it off to me. If this is the case, please don’t call me. I see enough ghosts on a daily basis to last me a lifetime. I don’t need to meet yours too. If you continue to talk to them and try to get them to provide you with a great EVP or photograph to show your friends, they aren’t going to go anywhere. They might like the attention and decide to stay on for an extended period.

6. Change your life. Dark energy attracts dark energy. If your life is in shambles and you live each day dreading the next, you are likely to attract more than you bargained for. Negative entities love nothing more than feasting on your misery. Get out of your house and go for frequent walks. Open the blinds every day and let the sunlight in. Find good reasons to live your life and make changes so it becomes second nature.

7. Ignore the energy. People who know me, know that ghosts often follow me home. This is another reason why I’m not keen on doing house cleansings. All I have to do is walk into your house and walk back out again with an extra passenger in tow, despite all precautions. When I do get an unexpected house guest. I sage my house, do some therapy work with them about crossing over, and then I ignore them. Unless they pop up in my face, I don’t pay any attention to them. I pretend I don’t see the cats staring at the spot above my bed. I dismiss the rapping sounds on the walls I refuse to give it any energy, which ultimately feeds it and gives it more ability to continue. Usually, they grow bored with me and drift away.

8. If all else fails and you’ve tried steps one through eight with no results, find a good psychic medium to help you. Professional house cleansings aren’t always free because it requires a great deal of energy to remove the entities, but it is worth it in the end.

In conclusion, please understand that not all ghosts need to be removed. If they aren’t causing any harm and are simply former home-owners hanging around, tell them you know they are there and to stop scaring you. Sometimes this is all you need to do and life goes on as normal. Life with the paranormal isn’t always easy, but rest assured, it’s never boring.

Joni Mayhan

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator, as well as the author of 13 books. Please check out her paranormal thrillers on and Click on any cover to learn more about her books.

Dark and Scary Things- A Sensitive's Guide to the Paranormal World cover Devil'sToy Box  bones-in-the-basement-cover-small  The_Soul_Collector_Cover_for_Kindle