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As a shy child growing up in Southern Indiana, books were always a part of my life. I read anything I could get my hands on, nearly wearing out my library card. It wasn’t until I took a creative writing class in high school that I realized I had a knack for writing myself.

I penned my first novella at the age of eighteen and wrote another seven novels before I turned thirty. Unfortunately, finding a home for these novels wasn’t an easy task. After getting rejected by countless literary agencies, I put each book in a box in my closet and tried again, thinking that maybe this one would be the one that would launch my writing career.

In 2012, I finished Lightning Strikes, a post-apocalyptic story about a sweet, but brave, sixteen-year-old survivor of a horrific terrorist attack. Ember finds herself battling bad men and cannibals to keep her younger sister safe. It was the best thing I ever wrote, and I refused to give up on it. After being turned down once more by the literary world, I decided to self-publish it myself. The rest is history. Readers loved Ember and followed her through the three-book trilogy, leaving nothing but positive reviews, while sharing it with their friends.

I then decided to delve into the darker side of my life, one I’ve been dealing with since childhood: the paranormal world. I’ve been a sensitive since I was six years old, an ability that I fought against for most of my life. Once I embraced it, an entire world opened up to me, and I began to share my experiences with the world. My books Dark and Scary ThingsSoul Collector, Bones in the Basement, Ghostly Defenses and Devil’s Toy Box have become widely read, all hanging in the top ten of their genre for months. The Winter Woods fictional trilogy followed in 2014 with the same success.

While I’m a writer, I always have a difficult time describing myself. I’m just Joni. I’m the mother of two now-grown children, Laura and Trevor. After spending thirty years in Massachusetts, I recently moved back to my home state of Indiana. I  share my house with five cats (yes, really! Five cats!) and a very loyal dog named Ripley.  I’m also a paranormal investigator, spending my free time in dark places with my friends. My biggest dream is to see Lightning Strikes on the big screen.  One thing is for certain though: I’ll never stop writing.

I also run Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walks & Investigations. Since moving to this intriguing town, I’ve felt the ghosts lingering in nearly every building. After writing Haunted New Harmony, I decided to take it to the next level and give people a chance to see the haunted buildings in my book. I didn’t realize how much fun this would be until I took my first group out and watched their faces as they immersed themselves in the history and hauntings.

My newest book is Crazy Dead People. While it’s fiction, there area lot of true stories woven throughout the story. The haunted asylum it takes place in is a combination of several old asylums I’ve investigated and many of Shelby’s encounters are based on true life situations I’ve found myself in. If you’ve enjoyed my real-life paranormal books, take a look at what I’ve done when not limited to a true story. It will possibly keep you up all night, so be forewarned.

If you enjoy my books, please help me by leaving a Reader’s Review on Amazon.com or  where you purchased the book. This makes my book more visible to other readers and gives me a better opportunity to continue writing.

Thanks for stopping by!

If you’d like to contact me, you can email me at Jonimayhan@gmail.com

Want to listen to my EVPs? Here’s the link: https://soundcloud.com/jonimayhan

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Have to say I would love to join you in your quest for paranormal investigations. I have always been a true believer in the supernatural.

  2. Hello Joni I am a Paranormal Investigator in Michigan. I also host my own show on liveradio1.com and wkds 89.9fm Kalamazoo. I would love to interview you sometime, if your open too that I find your blog fascinating and informative.
    Dan Holroyd
    Founder/CEO SMP-Southern Michigan Paranormals : Since (2008)
    Co-Owner http://www.liveradio1.com

  3. My sister and I were always into feathers. When she died i was in the park and sending out a thought asking her to send a feather to prove she was around me. Even though birds were flying around that day not one feather fell to the ground. I sat down on a bench in the park when a little dog ran up to me and jumped on to my lap wagging his tail and trying to lick my face. A lady came running to me and called the dog. His name was Feather. ive never seen the lady or the dog again.

  4. I read your article on whether ghosts draw on electricity. I’ve been pondering the exact opposite theory. I wonder if electricity annoys them. My reason for thinking this is that all our modern homes are on the grid. I don’t know the statistics but my sense is there were more reports of hauntings before electric lightning. Your experience suggests they feed off our devices.

    It would be interesting to know how many reports of hauntings are in or around major power generation and transmission locations. And even if they were feeding on electricity could a large enough charge overdose them? Could it make them feel like they are “being watched”?

    • Hi Daniel – I believe anything is possible. We truly don’t know. We only know what we see and experience, but even that could be subjective. We’ve investigated very active locations where there isn’t an electrical source at all, so they get their energy elsewhere.

  5. I found your Ghost Walk Tours on your website, but I didn’t find anything for the Investigations. Do you offer those as well?

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