Antique Emporium Investigation Review 2-29-2020



The haunting at this Southern Indiana antique store is legendary.

When Paula Alldredge opened Antique Emporium nine years ago, ghosts weren’t something she thought about. This changed quickly as the haunting began presenting itself. The first occurrence happened as she and one of her vendors stood at the front of the store just before closing time. Paula had installed a security camera that looked down the main aisle of the store. As they stood there, thinking about closing shop for the day, they both saw a woman in a long black dress cross the aisle. Thinking it was a customer, Henry went back to politely tell the customer they were closing for the night. He looked around everywhere, even down in the basement, but the shop was empty.

Since that experience, many other strange happenings have occurred in the building. Vendors began complaining that their merchandise was moved overnight to other vendor’s booths. An entire rack of postcards was shaken violently, sending postcards all over the store one night and a doll in the window was launched ten feet across the store, going over the head of one of Paula’s employees.  Paula was hoping we could find some answers and we did.

Twenty guests showed up for the investigation and were divided into two groups. The first group stayed upstairs with Joni and used the Spirit Box and dowsing rods to communicate with the dead that linger there. A Spirit Box is a modified radio that scans rapidly through the stations, allowing ghosts to use the white noise to vocalize words and sentences in response to our questions. In the basement, Traci Hoehn and Crystal Folz led a group and demonstrated the Estes Method, which also uses a Spirit Box. Instead of listening to the box on a speaker, Traci wore noise-cancelling headphones and a blindfold while listening to the Spirit Box. Guests asked questions and Traci called out what she heard come through the box. As we’ve found, Traci often goes into almost a trance state while she’s doing the Estes Method, giving her a clearer picture of the haunting.


Upstairs – Group One

Paula, Deb, Rick, Karen, Tammy, Betty, Donna, Brenda, Tara, CA, Heather

We started off with a Spirit Box session. While it was running, we went around the room and introduced ourselves. As soon as we finished, we heard a bang behind the group. I acknowledged the sound and then we got our first response for the night. Deb, who works in the store thought it came from behind her and then a voice rang out, saying, “Deborah.” Deb is one of the people who has had experiences at the store, so it didn’t surprise me they would call out to her.


Rick asked if they could show him which shelf belongs to his wife and grandson. A female came through and asked, “More than one?” and then a male said, “Shelf.”

Someone else asked if they ever leave the building and a female responded with, “I have.”

I then moved to dowsing rods. As we started, we heard a strange noise from the light fixture hanging above us. Paula said they hear strange noises like that frequently. We then noticed one of the baskets hanging from the ceiling was swaying back and forth. As we pointed it out, another one started moving, as well.

  • Her name is not Bebe
  • Is female
  • She wasn’t born in New Harmony
  • She was born in the nineteenth century
  • She wasn’t an animal lover

At that moment, the REM pod device on my Mel Meter went off. You have to literally break the field around the antenna to make it go off. We had it sitting up high on a shelf in the middle of our group.

  • She was married
  • She had children

I pointed out that I could feel the woman in the room and asked if anyone else felt it. Two others said they did, one feeling as though the ghost was right behind her.

  • She moves things in the store

I went back to the Spirit Box. My first question garnered an answer. I asked if she could tell us her name. A female voice told me, “I did.” We must have missed it if she did.

I asked if they ever follow Paula home and a male told me, “Can’t get this.”

Sometimes we will get an actual EVP during a Spirit Box session. An EVP is a ghost voice whispered directly into the recorder. It doesn’t come through the radio. When I asked who their favorite person in the room was, I heard a whisper come after the question. I had to slow it down and amplify it, but I think I hear, “Grandpa.” You be the judge.

Paula asked if they knew Fred, but didn’t get a response. When she asked if they knew Carl, a male voice said, “Yeah,” without much enthusiasm. Both men were former owners of the building. They have both passed away.

Years ago, Deb was sitting at the counter and watched as the plunger on the hand sanitizer bottle in front of her depressed, causing the liquid to pour out onto the counter. She asked if they had their finger on the hand sanitizer bottle that morning and a woman came through, saying, “I did.”

Someone asked, “What is your favorite thing in this store?” A male voice answered, “Grocery.” This was interesting to me because we believe the entire building, including the store next door, used to be a grocery store over a hundred years ago. I hadn’t disclosed that information to the group yet either.

Someone asked if they ever went fishing on the river and a male said, “I did.”

We had a few minutes left, so I asked a few questions. At times, it sounded like I was getting responses, but most of them were too garbled to make out later. The one question I really wanted to know was who Bebe was. We know that’s not her real name. It’s just a nickname they made up for her. When I asked, a male voice came through with a chilling challenge. “Come get me,” he told me.

I passed to Karen, who was sitting next to me, and she asked if they knew any of the Owen family. The same male voice told us, “I did.” She then asked if they knew Robert Dale Owen and it vaguely sounded like he said, “yeah,” so she asked what he was famous for. After a long pause, it sort of sounded like someone said, “Aruba,” which made no sense to me.

Paula asked if she ever lived next door. A female told her, “I haven’t.”

When it was Rick’s turn, he asked if they could make some of the lights come on in the back. A male voice came through and said something. At the time, I thought he said, “What a joke,” but as I slowed down the audio and listened more carefully, it sort of sounds like he says, “Why don’t you?” This seemed to be the theme of the night.

We were getting responses. We just couldn’t make most of them out. This makes sense to me on many levels. This is the first time the ghosts there have attempted to communicate through a Spirit Box. And it’s only the second time anyone has attempted to communicate with them during an investigation. It might not be an easy process for them to master instantly.

IMG_20200229_205656Second Group

Emily, Hannah, Andrea, Rosemary, Ben, Billy, Steven, Chad

After a fifteen minute break, we switched groups. The group who just spent time in the basement joined me upstairs. I turned on the Spirit Box to start the session. We went around the group but didn’t really get anything substantial. A lot of the responses were too faint to make out. We then moved to dowsing rods.

  • There is a woman with us
  • She is not alone
  • There is a male with her
  • There aren’t more than two of them
  • The man in the basement isn’t angry
  • The woman isn’t in charge
  • We were talking to the male
  • He’s not in charge either
  • They take turns and have different areas they’re in charge of
  • He’s not in charge of the basement – the woman is in charge there
  • The woman is young, not old
  • She’s tied to one of the artifacts in the building
  • It’s an artifact in the Civil War room
  • She was alive during the Civil War era
  • They were speaking to the man

I left the group to go down to the basement to take a few pictures. While I was gone, they continued with the dowsing rod session. I wasn’t there to verify this, but they might have captured an EVP. Someone asked if the man was originally from New Harmony and a whispery voice said, “No, they’re not.” Someone else coughed right afterwards and they marked it for the audio, so I would think they would have marked the whisper too if it were one of the group. The rods responded with no, which further validates.

  • The woman didn’t want to talk to them any longer
  • The man is not from the Civil War
  • He’s not forty years old
  • He never had a horse
  • He’s not an atheist – wouldn’t answer if he was religious
  • He’s Catholic
  • He attended college

We went back to the Spirit Box. I started off the session talking about pets. I told them I’ve been feeding a wild raccoon on my back porch and asked if they knew what I named her. A voice said, “Eddie,” which was a name, but it wasn’t the correct name. I’ve been calling her Petunia.

I then asked if they knew what color my car was, telling them they could see if from where we were. A faint voice came through and said, “it’s red,” which was correct.

Someone asked if the woman was the famous Bebe we’d been hearing about. A male voice came through and asked, “Who’s Bebe?”

I asked if she liked the name Bebe and we heard a faint female voice say “No.”

The session came to an end.

Civil War Room

During the upstairs investigation, we sent guests two at a time to the Civil War room at the back of the store. They used a pendulum to communicate with the ghosts. Many felt this was the most active location of the building. Here are some of the responses they got.

First Group – Randy and Donna

  • There was a soldier in the room with them
  • That’s one of his favorite jackets
  • Those were his coins
  • He was 19
  • He likes his stuff being displayed
  • He’s glad they’re visiting
  • He remembers her from earlier today, but doesn’t remember Randy
  • He was born in New Harmony
  • He doesn’t remember Robert Owen
  • He likes the way the town looks now
  • He can move things around and does it a lot
  • When they asked if he could move something now, they got a “maybe”
  • He doesn’t like the experiment they’re doing in the basement
  • When asked if he liked the spirit box in the front of the store, they got a “maybe”
  • He can see them

Second Group – Heather and CA

  • Not a child
  • Didn’t have any children
  • Was married
  • Was born in New Harmony
  • Not a teacher
  • Had a farm
  • Didn’t grow vegetables
  • Fought in the Civil War
  • Leaves the building sometimes
  • Not his favorite building in town
  • Doesn’t like the tavern
  • Visited Community House #2 last year when they were there for an investigation
  • He remembers them from their visit to the store last year
  • He doesn’t remember Heather from when she grew up in town

IMG_20200229_194301Third Group – Paula and Deb

All questions were directed to Bebe

  • They aren’t invading her privacy
  • She’s enjoying this
  • She’s not there by herself
  • She likes throwing things onto the floor
  • She doesn’t have a boyfriend
  • The guy from the other day was her friend
  • She never goes home with Paula
  • She never lies
  • She hasn’t always lived there
  • She knows Fred
  • She knows Carl (Fred’s dad)
  • She doesn’t like everyone who works there
  • She likes Paula (no answer on Henry or Bob)
  • She likes throwing stuff on the floor
  • She likes scaring people

Fourth Group – two women who didn’t identify themselves

  • There’s an article there that belongs to him/her
  • He fought overseas
  • They were talking to a male
  • There was only one person with them

Fifth Group – Donna and Betty

  • He can see them sitting there
  • He likes the things in the room
  • Those are some of his/her favorite things
  • He was born in New Harmony
  • He is a male
  • He likes being in the building
  • Donna didn’t buy any of his coins earlier that day
  • He can leave and go to other buildings in town
  • He never goes to the river
  • He had a garden
  • No answer on any vegetables he might have grown
  • He didn’t can vegetables
  • He liked sauerkraut
  • He wasn’t a good cook
  • He believed New Harmony was Utopian
  • He came there to be with one of the Utopian groups
  • He answered “yes” and then “no” to the question “Are you here now?”

Group Two

Sixth Group – two women (unidentified)

  • There was a man with them
  • He’s the same man who was in the basement
  • Wouldn’t answer if he was the one making everyone sick in the basement
  • There’s also a woman there
  • She’s the one they call Bebe (slow yes)
  • She doesn’t like the name Bebe
  • She would like to be called something else
  • She likes it when customers come into the store
  • She doesn’t want to hurt anyone when she throws things
  • She throws things because she’s angry or upset
  • She will stop throwing things if they stop calling her Bebe (big yes)
  • They encouraged her to say her name into the digital recorder, but she didn’t

Seventh Group – Ben and Billy

  • They were talking to a man
  • He fought in a war
  • He’s older than 20 years old
  • He’s older than 40 years old
  • He’s not from New Harmony
  • He’s from Indiana
  • He’s from Southern Indiana
  • He can see the group in the basement
  • He wasn’t down in the basement with them earlier

Ben saw a shadow move across the room. As he was talking about it, he felt something touch him.

  • The uniform to Billy’s right belonged to the male in the room with them
  • The picture next to his uniform does not belong to his lady

Eighth Group – Rosemary and Andrea

  • They asked some excellent questions, but either didn’t receive any responses or didn’t say the responses aloud. All I could hear on the audio recorded were their questions.

IMG_20200229_205733Ninth Group – Emily and Hannah

  • Is connected to an item in the room
  • They were talking to a male
  • He was in a war
  • He was married
  • He didn’t have any children
  • He doesn’t remember her name
  • His name isn’t Matthew
  • He was the only one in the room with them
  • He wants to be friends with them
  • He’s older than fifty years old
  • There’s more than one person in the building
  • He’s friends with them
  • He had friends in the war
  • He wasn’t a nurse
  • He had many jobs while at war
  • He enjoys their company
  • He isn’t from New Harmony
  • He’s from Indiana
  • He knows Hannah’s name
  • He doesn’t like it that so many people are there
  • He’s not uncomfortable with so many people
  • He’s used to big crowds
  • He never talks or communicates with people in the store
  • He’s afraid to communicate
  • They heard a knock and he confirmed it was him
  • He would like for them to come back and visit
  • They were still talking to the same man as when they started
  • They know her sister’s name
  • He believes in God but hasn’t met Him
  • He had a good life
  • He liked talking to them

IMG_20200229_194416Basement – Group One

Emily, Hannah, Andrea, Rosemary, Ben, Billy, Steven, Chad

Crystal and Traci led a group in the basement. Crystal started out explaining the Estes Method. Traci would wear noise cancelling headphones connected to a Spirit Box. The group would ask questions and Traci would call out what she heard coming across the box. Crystal explained the importance of following the thread of the response. For example, if Traci called out “Murder!” the group should pursue that instead of asking something irrelevant, like “What is your dog’s name?” After the explanations, they got started.

T: Hello

Q: Are you from this area?

Q: Are you a man?

Q: Did you live in this building?

Q: What is your name?

T: Matthew

Q: Hi Matthew! I’m Ben. How old are you?

Q: What year were you born?

Q: What is your favorite season?

T: Move on

Q: Were you married?

Q: Do you have siblings?

Q: Did you have any pets?

Q: Did you have any children?

Q: Did you come here with someone?

Q: Matthew, are you still with us? What year did you live here?

T: Are you here?

Q: Yes, we’re here. Are you married?

Q: Where are you from?

Q: What’s your favorite color?

Q: Did you work in this building?

Q: What is your job?

Q: Did you enjoy reading?

Group started seeing a shadow or mist

T: Hey

Q: Do you want to talk to us?

T: Go in

Q: What do you enjoy to do?

Q: Is there a lady here with you?

T: Like it

Crystal noted that she wasn’t feeling well all of a sudden

Q: Did you like to play sports? Were you an athlete?

Q: Matthew, are you still in the room with us?

Crystal noted that it didn’t feel the same.

Q: Did you go to the river a lot?

Q: Do you like fishing?

Ben saw something in the corner on his SLS Camera. It started waving and dancing.

Q: Did you enjoy gardening?

Q: What did you do every day in your life?

Q: Matthew, did you enjoy art?

Q: Are you someone besides Matthew? Crystal asked.

At that point, Traci took the headphones off. They started feeling lightheaded and sick to their stomach. They wondered if it was because the furnace kept kicking on. Ben noted that everyone started feeling that way when he saw the small figure on the SLS Camera.

IMG_20200229_203452Traci noted that all the voices she was hearing were male voices. A few of them in the beginning were the same male, but then the voices changed. Traci said she didn’t feel it was someone who wanted to come forward.

They then got the dowsing rods out and began a session.

  • There’s someone down there besides Matthew
  • There’s another male there besides Matthew
  • He worked in the building
  • He’s not from New Harmony
  • He lived in the building at one time
  • He’s a child
  • He didn’t go fishing in the Wabash
  • He’s younger than six years old

They could hear the person above them in the Civil War room asking questions to the pendulum and the dowsing rods started answering the questions too.

  • There are adults down there
  • There’s a woman down there too
  • The man and woman were not married to each other

Ben saw a figure sitting on Crystal’s shoulder on his SLS camera. He asked if she felt something and she said she felt a woman near her.

  • The woman didn’t have any children
  • The woman is responsible for throwing objects
  • She doesn’t like that they call her Bebe
  • She likes the sunshine
  • She has friends down there (slow yes)
  • The man was making them sick earlier
  • The man stays in the basement
  • The woman can make the man go away

The session ended and everyone went upstairs for a break.


Basement – Second Group

Paula, Deb, Rick, Karen, Tammy, Betty, Donna, Brenda, Tara, CA, Heather

The basement is a small, cramped space that is filled with overhead ducts and cement walls. As soon as their group got settled into the ring of chairs, they started in with another Estes Method session. Because the group already investigated one session upstairs, they were well versed on our system and were able to get started quickly.

Traci put on the noise cancelling headphones and the blindfold and started up the Spirit Box. The group began asking her questions.

Q: Are you the woman who was down here earlier?

Q: Does anyone else live down here with you?

Q: Do you ever come upstairs when I work on Fridays?

Q: Are you Bebe? Are you related to Bebe? Do you know Bebe? Do you remember town marshal Scotty?

Q: Have you ever left this building?

T: Red

(Above) We don’t know if this ties in or not, but earlier in the day, this red book was thrown to the floor.

Q: Were you happily married? How young were you when you got married? How many children did you have?

Q: Can you come closer to the meters on the floor? Is red one of your favorite colors?

Q: What did you do for fun?

Q: Does the man who was down here earlier normally stay upstairs in the War room?

Q: Do you throw things in this building?

Q: Do you like visitors?

Q: Did you like to dance?

T: Look

Q: What do you want us to look at?

Q: Where did you go to dance?

T: said that she felt an overwhelming sense of loss and sadness

Q: Does dancing make you sad?

T: We’re there

Q: Where are you?

Q: Was the dance in New Harmony?

Q: Was the dance hall on Main Street?

Q: Do you know Eugene from down the street?

T: Always. Girl.

Q: What girl? A daughter, a lover, a mother?

Q: Were you dancing at a wedding?

Q: Did you have to work hard?

Q: Did you grow your own vegetables? Did your children help you work? Are you happy now?

Q: Were you born here in New Harmony? Did you come here looking for a better life?

Q: Did you fish in the river? (most popular question of the evening)

Q: Are you feeling really distressed? Crystal asked, watching Traci

Q: Do you like to cook?

Q: Did you live here before the shop opened?

Q: Are you happy that we’re here with you tonight?

Q: Did you have many boyfriends?

T: Over you

T: Something’s wrong with it?

Q: Is it broken? Can you fix it? Can you show it to me?

Crystal noted that the haunting there could be anything. It could be the ghosts lingering there or from one of the many antiques in the building.

T: Hey

Q: Hi

Q: Did you lose a loved one?

T: Maria

Q: Are you Maria?

T: I don’t want it

Q: Did you get rid of something and now it’s here? (Crystal asked)

Q: Did you come in a buggy to the store?

T: Who else?

Q: Did you bring someone with you?

T: I needed it

Q: What was it you needed?

The group discussed what Traci was possibly talking about. Did someone sell something that she was attached to?

T: You probably don’t

Q: Are you Maria?

Q: do you want us to change your name?

Q: Does the name Bebe make you upset?

T: Help me! What are you doing? (male voice)

Q: Are you male who stays in the Civil War room? Are you the male who was making us sick earlier?

T: Walk

Q: I do all the time. Do you see me?

T: Go this way. Help! It’s day time

Q: Is someone trying to hurt you?

Traci noted that she just got a lot colder

Crystal mentioned that everyone was feeling temperature shifts earlier but no one was feeling the same sense of coldness that Traci was feeling.

Q: How can we help you?

T: Your store

Q: What about the store?

Q: Are you afraid of something?

Q: Does the store scare you?

Crystal noted that sitting next to Traci she could feel some of the emotions she was experiencing. She felt completely lost

Q: Do you want to leave the store?

T: Oh shit!

Q: Is someone new with you?

Q: Have you ever lived in one of the other stores?

Q: Are you male?

Q: Are you female?

T: Jump!

Q: Are you jumping?

Q: Are you trying to hurt yourself?

They had a discussion about a rumor that a woman either died or killed herself next door. We couldn’t validate this because we tried to find out years ago.

T: Why’d you do it? I don’t know.

Q: Do you stay here or go to one shop to another?

Q: Did you hurt someone?

T: Please

Q: How can we help?

IMG_20200229_194340Traci took her headphones off then. She was as cold as ice and was shaky. She couldn’t connect a lot of dots. The begging part – the sadness was a woman. Crystal asked her about the red and the dance. Traci felt it was a broken heart, that she was broken hearted. She’s not sure it was related to the later part. The later part was about a male. The help me part. Two different male voices came through. One was the aggressor (possibly law of justice). Could have been murder/victim. She didn’t get a lot after the “jump” part. She didn’t know if it was a cliff or something else, like jump off a chair. She noted that the male was cold, which was why she was cold.

They went to dowsing rods.

  • There was someone down there with them
  • He was male
  • They asked for him to point out where he was standing in the room and the rods pointed straight in front of her.
  • The man who was making everyone sick was the same one who hung out in the Civil War room
  • He’s the one who touched her leg upstairs in the Civil War room
  • The color red means something to him
  • He had to jump
  • He tried to hurt someone
  • He’s been playing with one woman’s hair (she was feeling it during the session)
  • Traci asked if the man who was coming through on the Estes’s name was Joe. Slow yes.
  • Joe loved a woman named Maria
  • There is something there that belongs to Maria
  • Maria and Bebe are the same person
  • Traci asked for the rods to point to where she was standing and it pointed to over her shoulder.

The session ended.

It was an interesting night for us. We learned that Bebe stands for Basement Bitch and that the female who lingered there was understandably not happy with it. Through Traci’s Estes Method, we believe her name is Maria. Now they have a better understanding of their female ghost, they are now going to refer to her as Maria. The male upstairs might be Matthew, but we weren’t as certain about it.

I’d like to thank Paula Alldredge for allowing us to investigate her intriguing store and to everyone who attended. Most of all, thank you to Traci and Crystal for leading the basement session.

IMG_20200229_212623 (1)