Ribeyre Investigation 11-13-21

Ribeyre Gymnasium Investigation Review 11-23-21 The Ribeyre Gymnasium was only one year old when it was used for a tragic purpose. In 1925 an F-5 tornado swept through three states, killing hundreds of people. To date, it is still considered to be the worst tornado in US history. The town of New Harmony was spared, … Continue reading

Community House #2 Investigation 10-23-21

Community House #2 is one of my favorite historic locations in the town of New Harmony, Indiana. It was built in circa 1820 by a group called the Harmonists, who were led by Father Georg Rapp. The building served as a meeting house, as well as a dormitory for the single members of their group. … Continue reading

Antique Emporium Investigation Review 2-29-2020

The haunting at this Southern Indiana antique store is legendary. When Paula Alldredge opened Antique Emporium nine years ago, ghosts weren’t something she thought about. This changed quickly as the haunting began presenting itself. The first occurrence happened as she and one of her vendors stood at the front of the store just before closing … Continue reading