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Haunted New Harmony Investigation Evidence 6-15-17

Conducting a paranormal investigation at locations that have never been investigated before is a nerve-wracking experience. As a sensitive, I knew there were ghosts at both locations, but could I get them to interact with us? What if I invited twenty people and nothing happened. As it turns out, I didn’t need to worry.

20031632_10214841008158175_4867157879746608634_nThe night was interesting, to say the least. After a paranormal and history presentation, we divided up into two teams. One team went with me to the Fauntleroy Home, while the other team stayed with Billy Miller, the founder of Southern Indiana Paranormal Investigations (SIPI), at Community House #2. After two hours, I returned to Community House #2 and brought Billy’s group back to the Fauntleroy Home for round two.

When I divided up the teams, I inadvertently put all the people with mediumship abilities into one group and all the people without abilities into the other group. As can be expected, the group full of sensitives had far more experiences than the group without.

Fauntleroy Home Investigation

20046422_10214841005958120_6661832202055746457_nThe Fauntleroy Home has a long history of paranormal activity, beginning with the first ghost sighting in 1848. Over the years, tour guides and visitors have experienced strange happenings. Full body apparitions have been seen, doors have opened and closed on their own and people have been pushed on the stairs.

I could feel the ghosts coming in closer as we sat down for our first session. It wasn’t long before things began happening .

About halfway through one of our EVP sessions, we began hearing a beeping sound. Amanda Bryden, who oversees both locations, got up to investigate and learned that the alarm had turned itself on, even though it was disabled.  She had to turn it back off and call the alarm company. They have tours in this building frequently and this isn’t something that normally happens. She was puzzled by the experience.

DSCN5714.JPGDuring our first session at the base of the staircase, we got some responses on my Spirit Box as we reached out to Mary Emily Fauntleroy. She lived in the house for a number of years, putting her heart and soul into collecting family artifacts and furnishings. After her death, the building was fully restored, returning it back to the 1850’s time period and her collection was removed. Some feel Mary Emily isn’t happy with the renovations. This is something we confirmed during our investigation.

I asked Mary Emily what she thought about the renovations. “I hate them,” was the response. If you listen to both Spirit Box responses (the one above this one and this one) you’ll hear the same voice.

We moved the group upstairs to the second floor. I’ve always felt a heavy presence up there. People who are sensitive often have a difficult time spending any length of time in that room.

We were only in the room a few minutes before I captured the first EVP. We asked if they were happy that people came to visit them in their home. The response was “no more.” We didn’t hear this at the time, but was caught by my digital recorder.

When my second group came to investigate at the Fauntleroy House, it was a completely different experience from the first group. We received far less responses on the Spirit Box, but started getting more actual evps. Interestingly enough, the voice was different from anything I’d heard there in the past. It made me wonder if a member of the group had brought his own ghost to the ghost hunt.

Here’s another EVP that is similar to the last one. I discovered two more that are a bit harder to hear, so I didn’t post them.

On the second floor, we didn’t receive very many responses from the master bedroom, so I moved the group into another room. It was becoming clear that they’d had enough of us. After we received this response, we moved outdoors.


(Above) Joni with the glow sticks hanging behind her

I hung bells on long strings with glow sticks hanging from the bottoms in the doorway. During the first group, the strings never moved, but during the second group, we could see the glow sticks moving in a slow circle. At one point, they appeared to be pushed forward into the room. I also had a pinwheel mounted into a plastic cup. I wanted to provide two “low tech” methods of communication for the ghosts to manipulate. The pinwheel never moved with the first group, but began spinning for the second group. Both low-tech devices were placed in the same exact locations for both groups and weren’t impacted by drafts or AC vents.

Community House #2 Investigation

19990582_10214841007278153_669740488870365916_n.jpgWhile I was at the Fauntleroy Home with my groups, Billy Miller led groups through Community House #2. Like me, he immediately noticed a tremendous difference in the paranormal activity between the two groups.

His first group contained the group full of sensitives and mediums and the building was nearly explosive with activity. They heard music playing, doors slamming and phantom footsteps. As I listened to the audio they recorded, I too could hear the music. It was too faint to post, but I could make it out with my headphones on.

They felt that the first floor and second floors were the hotspots for activity. Billy placed a laser grid in the second floor hallway to see if any shadows crossed the beams. Several people sat and watched the hallway, while the rest of the group conducted an EVP session in a dormitory room. During one of their sessions, they watched as several of the lights blacked out momentarily as though someone passed through them.

DSCN5731.JPGWhile in the second floor dormitory room, one group member suddenly felt a lot of physical pressure wash over her. Then she became cold, with goosebumps popping up on her arms before she unexpectedly became overwhelmed with a sense of sadness and began crying. This was strange for her, because as she said, “I’m not someone who’s easily subjected to crying and having fits.” Shortly afterwards, she started feeling increasingly hot before she felt better. Seconds after she began feeling better, another group member jumped as she felt someone touch her.

Another member had two strange experiences at Community House #2. When he sat in a corner of the third floor where Billy feels there is a portal (doorway to the other side), he felt as though thousands of fingers ran down his body. The sensation was so strong, he was forced to get up and move to another area of the room. It wasn’t his only experience though. Earlier in the evening, he also reported seeing a little boy with a white shirt and hat standing in the doorway. He could only see him from the waist up. He appeared to be very sad. “I could feel his sadness too,” he said.

The Community House was quiet for the second group. They didn’t hear the same sounds the first group experienced. I had both groups carry one of my digital recorders with them and I listened to the investigations, looking for ghostly responses. Surprisingly, the first group filled with mediums didn’t receive any EVPS, but the second group received one that made me very sad.

They were attempting to communicate with a Frenchman named George Gerand who supposedly committed suicide on the second floor of the community house in the 1800’s. He was having a difficult time making ends meet and was waiting for a letter to arrive with funds to clear his debt. When the letter didn’t arrive as expected, he hung himself. Sadly, shortly after his death, the letter was found at the post office. It had fallen off a table and was lost on the floor until it was later discovered.

As they were leaving the area, they said, “Bonjour,” and received the response, “Help me.”


All in all, it was a successful event. Everyone had the opportunity to experience a true paranormal investigation and quite a few of them had personal experiences they couldn’t explain.

My hope is that as time goes on, the ghosts at both buildings become more comfortable with us and our equipment and provide more responses. Hopefully, through continued communication, I will be able to earn their trust and provide them with the help that they need to find their way over to the other side, where they’re supposed to be.

We’ll be hosting more investigations there in August, September and October of this year. These events fill up quickly, so reserve your spot before they’re all sold out.


In April, during my New England Tour, I had the opportunity to film an interview for Edge of Reality TV with Willy Hassell and Lynne Nickerson. I’ve been on their radio show many times and always found them to be excellent hosts. Unlike many of the shows I’m on, they actually take the time to read my books and create a list of questions based on the books.
For this interview, I covered two of my books, Signs of Spirits and Spirit Nudges. These two books are lighter than my normal paranormal books and contain stories and information on connecting with your passed-on loved ones or spirit guides. People who have read it have had amazing results.
If you missed it, here’s the link.
My New England Tour was a massive success. I met so many wonderful people and reconnected with my old friends.


It took me nearly 18 hours to drive from Indiana to Massachusetts. I made an overnight stop along the way to visit my friend Sharon Coyle at Rolling Hills Asylum and taught a painting class. This was a first for me, painting in a haunted asylum! During our class, a massive thunderstorm rolled in, setting the mood with creepy perfection. We even lost power for several heart-stopping moments. I spent the night with my friends Chris Cox and Christine Tregger Cox, along with their adorable pugs Dylan and Clementine.

IMG_5038 18034142_10213831563882699_4749790368067387367_n

I had wall-to-wall events lined up. The first was a stop in Salem, Massachusetts to attend my third Salemcon event. This is a paranormal convention that allows paranormal enthusiasts, teams and vendors a place to meet the public. I shared a booth with fellow author Sam Baltrusis (photo below).


I also saw many old friends in the field, including some famous faces you might have seen on TV. (L-R): Me with Gina Bengston, co-host of Second Sight Radio, The PXP Crew: Jessica Raygalee, me, Tina Storer and Rachel Hoffman, Me with Steve Clark and Naomi Gorman. (Next row) Me with my dear friend Marion Luoma, who is the caretaker of the Haunted Victorian Mansion; me with new friend Brandie Wells, who is a talented psychic medium; me with my friend Stephen Tighe and Ellen MacNeil; me with Haunted Victorian Mansion caretakers Ken and Memie Watson. (Next row) Sam Baltrusis and me at our table; a quick photo with Sam and Shari DeBenedetti from Ghost Hunters.

I also got the opportunity to make several library and museum presentations.


And I got to stop by my favorite haunted house, the Haunted Victorian Mansion, the subject of my book Bones in the Basement.
I also taught a Paranormal 101 class with my old friends.
I also got to meet up with some old friends. Below: me, Barbara Kirk Niles, Sandy MacLeod and Raymond Richard.


Best of all, I got to spend some time with my grown children, Laura and Trevor.
It was a great trip, but I was so happy to be back home.


My article in the Posey County News, dated 1/31/17. Some of the information on the second page appears to be missing, but it’s a great interview, none-the-less.



Clementine’s Book Signing Photos 1/22/17

Thank you to everyone who came out to my first book signing in the town of New Harmony, Indiana. I met some new friends and got to visit with some old friends who came to support me.



Salem-Con 2016 Pictures

(Above) Joni with Sam Baltrusis, Steve Dichaivi from the Dead Files, Alison and Rob Conti from the Haunted Victorian Mansion, Gina Bengston and John Zaffis from Haunted Collector. Bottom Row: the Salem Ghostbusters, Marion Luoma from the Haunted Victorian Mansion.


Gardner News

Gardner News article about my Book Release


My event at the Phinehas S. Newton Library in Royalston, Massachusetts was a huge success. Thank you for such a great showing.

1897941_843402035771975_1959946126973296662_n 11037823_843401895771989_5195051826325405755_n 12063773_10208637212467160_7638595517220680914_n 12112046_10153573516500432_5189670039084277561_n 12188896_10208637213827194_6977470850899849695_n 12189536_10208637213627189_796261464755301318_n 12190857_10208637212147152_5120802562226829865_n 12191687_10208637212267155_4200616122470758945_n 12191762_10208637212987173_5905365582048221834_n


 Thank you to everyone who came out for my Divination Presentation at the Woods Memorial Library in Barre, MA

2015-10-15 19.42.04

Cara Keene doing Tarot Readings

2015-10-15 19.42.26

Sandy MacLeod demonstrating Dowsing Rods
2015-10-15 19.42.17

Gina Bengtson at the Pendulum Table

2015-10-15 19.51.37

Andrew Diddle doing Palm Readings

2015-10-15 19.51.44

Barbara Kirk Niles doing a Tarot Card Reading

2015-10-15 19.51.48

Crystal Pena reading Angel Cards

2015-10-15 20.53.14

Group photo of my students who made this event so wonderful!


The audience seemed to enjoy it

DSCF1997 DSCF2001

Gina Bengtson and Joni at the Pendulum table


Psychic Mediums Ray Richard and Ken Murray doing a group reading


Joni demonstrating the Pendulum


Joni with Gina Gengtson


Joni with Barbara Niles Kirk going over photos


I never thought I would love teaching, but I do and it shows in the picture.


My presentation at the Ashburnham’s Stevens Memorial Library made the front cover of the Fitchburg Sentinel Newspaper on June 30th, 2015.

Author Joni Mayhan talked about her true story, ÒThe Soul Collector,Ó Monday evening at the Stevens Memorial Library in Ashburnham. SENTINEL & ENTERPRISE / JOHN LOVE

Author Joni Mayhan talked about her true story, ÒThe Soul Collector,Ó Monday evening at the Stevens Memorial Library in Ashburnham. SENTINEL & ENTERPRISE / JOHN LOVE

To read the entire article click here

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  1. Just came across your article, Signs that a deceased loved one is nearby. The image by Tina Fiveage, is an absolute, magical, identical image of my daughter. Making that even more incredible, is the fact that she has had “her friends” surrounding her intensely, for the past week. Who is the woman in that image ??????

    • I’m not sure who the woman is. My original article was posted on Ghost Diaries ( Another website took the article, changed out the photos, removed my bio and links to my website and then reposted it. I’m glad you found it helpful though. I like the photo too.

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