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If you don’t see any availability for the walk you chose, check our other walk. We don’t always have both The Dark Side Ghost Walks and the Original Spooky Ghost Walks on the same nights.

Ghost Walks

Thank you for a great season! We will see you again next spring! If you’re looking for something spooky to occupy your time during the long winter, check out our investigations (scroll down).

Thrills, chills and paranormal intrigue!

Original Spooky Ghost Walk

Are you brave enough to walk the haunted streets of this intriguing town? When darkness falls, this quaint little town becomes decisively eerie. New Harmony, Indiana, is the site of two Utopian societies and many of its former occupants never left. Join us as we walk the moonlit streets and talk about the history and hauntings that set this town apart. Sometimes, the ghosts even come out to play. Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walks are 90 minutes long and are $20 per person. This Ghost Walk meets in front of Thrall’s Opera House (612 Church Street)

Dark Side Ghost Walk

Welcome to the Dark Side! Over the years, we’ve had a chance to explore other areas of New Harmony and we’ve put together a brand new ghost walk. Take a walk with us on the dark side of town where the stories get even more intriguing. This walk is also 90 minutes long and are $20 per person. This Ghost Walk meets on the corner of Church and Main Streets (at the rounded stone bench).



If you enjoyed our Ghost Walks, you’re going to LOVE our investigations! We will bring you into some of the most haunted buildings in New Harmony. Stay tuned for our next location!


Are these Ghost Walks handicap accessible? The path we take is generally level, however, we do walk across a grassy path on our way to a cemetery. If you require a golf cart to transport you from location to location, email us at HauntedNewHarmony@gmail.com prior to the walk and we can make sure a golf cart and driver is available.

Is this okay for children? Children under the age of ten probably aren’t going to enjoy our Ghost Walks. We stand around talking far too long, and they often get bored. While we do welcome children on our tours, you should be the judge of whether your child will enjoy it or not. In addition, some of our stories are very scary for youngsters, and some of the topics aren’t necessarily good for young ears.

Are dogs allowed on the tours? Well-behaved dogs on leashes are always welcome on our tour and will get special scritches from the dog-loving tour guides.

How long is the Ghost Walk? We traverse less than a mile. The Original Spooky Ghost Walk is a bit longer than the Dark Side Ghost Walk, but offers more benches along the way.

What is your refund policy? You can cancel your reservation and receive a refund providing you do so prior to 48 hours before the event. We have to schedule tour guides to do the walks and we often sell out of our events. Anything less than 48 hours doesn’t provide us with the opportunity to alter our scheduling and resell your tickets.

Which Ghost Walk is the scariest? They are both scary. The biggest difference is the locations. The Spooky Ghost Walk brings us through the historic district and the Dark Side Ghost Walk traverses an area of town that doesn’t have as many street lights.

What happens in inclimate weather? We seldom cancel our Ghost Walks due to rain. We find that it adds to the ambiance (bring an umbrellla), but we understand that not everyone enjoys this. You can reach out to us at HauntedNewHarmony@gmail.com to reschedule. If we do need to cancel, we will reach out to you via email.

Can I use a golf cart? We always have a golf cart available. If you’d like us to bring one, just email us at HauntedNewHarmony@gmail.com in advance and we’ll have a cart and driver available.


Our Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walks are even creepier the weekend before Halloween. You never know who is going to come out of the shadows.

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Meet our Haunted New Harmony Team

(L-R) Back Row: Jason Nelson, Whistling Rick.
Middle Row: Donna Tilly and Traci Hoehn. Front Row: Joni Mayhan.




52 thoughts on “Haunted New Harmony Events

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    • He will come to you when the time is right. I’ve had a few relatives who haven’t come to me at all, so sometimes it simply doesn’t happen. That doesn’t mean they aren’t looking out for us, but communication is often difficult or they feel it’s not in your best interest. Signs are often small and fleeting. We miss them because they seem too much like coincidence, so pay close attention. It also might take him some time, so be patient as well.

    • i Feel vibrations and it drives me crazy! I feel it mostly when I’m in bed, but I have also felt it at work and sitting on the couch. I get so frustrated I just scream get out of my house! It works sometimes but other times it’s more difficult to get rid of like the black blob-that was a negative little bugger. I felt pins and needles and I could feel exactly where it was in the room. I eventually had to cleanse the house and recite the hedge prayer and it was gone.
      I’m new at this and would definitely love some recommendations, I can’t find too much online about vibrations.

  2. My grandmother passed last June 2015.I was with her when she drew her last breath.I miss our phone conservations so much.I havnt noticed her with me at all.why??

  3. Thank you, Joni, for your profound and beautifully articulated insight. I’m a relative newcomer to the spiritual world, and I’ve recently had an amazing spiritual awakening, but I still have lots of questions. You put a good spin on some worries I had about being able to raise my vibrations while still being an imperfect, emotional human. Phew!

    Until recently, I was extremely depressed and hopeless, and unsure if life was worth living. Long story short-I started watching Long-Island Medium, and My Ghost Story, and then went out and obtained (quite easily, to my shock) my own paranormal evidence, which proved to me that there was life after death–and it was super fun and exciting, too. I have several of your books by the way, which have been very helpful. Anyway, after listening to Theresa Caputo’s book setting out what really happens after we die, etc., I was filled with hope again, and set out on a quest for more answers. Not only did I find out that most people do reincarnate, I found out why, and a whole lot of other mind-blowing things about life, including the fact that we humans are actually immortal.

    I read many famous mediums’ books, and lots of other material on the subject, but the number one best source of info I found was the amazing Dolores Cannon, a pioneer of past-life regression hypnosis, and world-famous researcher and author, unfortunately recently deceased. I’m guessing you probably already know about her but just in case you don’t, I wanted to share this link with you: http://www.dolorescannon.com/about If you want to know more about reincarnation, God, other Universes, lost civilizations and information, even Aliens-yeah, I didn’t want to believe it at first either– check it out. Cheers!

    • Thank you for the kind words, April. The biggest reason why I write what I do is to share it. When I first started going through my own spiritual awakening, there wasn’t a lot of information on the subject. Thank you for sharing the link to the author. I will definitely check it out.

  4. my mother passed away in March 2006 between the age 96 – 98 and three months later she appeared in my dream to read John 2 vs 1-11. A few years later I dreamed her this time she was in the sky lying facing north but I could not see what she was lying on. I gave her chocolates and fruits I was picking from the sky both she thoroughly enjoyed.

  5. I’ve had many messages from my huband after he passed. ..but none lately. …here’s one.
    I purchased a dozen of roses to take to grave service but when I got there I realized I had forgotten them and became very upset. A dear friend said don’t worry you were ment to forget them. When I came home I decided to take roses out of fridge and put in a vase. I then set vase on table and as I did the dvd player came on and played our song. I thanked him and had a good cry!

  6. I was born and raised in New Harmony and I have been a tour guide. I have indeed experienced in both of the buildings you are planning to visit.

  7. Will this be a actual investigation or mainly a tour and about how long will this event last? We have our own equipment is this allowed?

    • Hi Tom – it is an actual investigation. The event runs for six hours. We will do a presentation at the beginning to discuss some of the history and hauntings, but it’s the real deal. We’re breaking into groups and each group will have a group leader. This is the first time they’ve allowed investigations into the buildings so they’re being cautious on what they are letting people bring inside. Right now as it stands, you can bring in EMF meters and smaller equipment. No camcorders or devices that can be disruptive to the rest of the group. The group leaders will be running equipment and posting results within two days of the event. If you’d like to discuss it with me, you can email me at Jonimayhan@gmail.com and we can exchange numbers there.

  8. My group investigated Ribyre Gymnasium and a shop. They wouldn’t let anybody do the two buildings you will be investigating. It’s been several years since we done the investigation at RG. We had some things happen. It’s something your group may want to look into. 🙂 I’m not sure I have a DVD anymore with our findings.
    This sounds like fun. I wish you all the best with this.

  9. Hi Joni, I have been sensitive all my life but it has increased greatly the last couple of years. I’m 54. I’m not nearly as sensitive as you though. I recently had a spirit follow me home and has stayed. I met someone who is able to read photos and has confirmed my suspicion someone is here and gave me some facts like some of your friends in Ghost Magnet. I’m working to develop my talents and just discovered your book and it has been a large help. Thank you for work as it is great writing and has made me feel not so alone and I’m working to develop some of the methods you use in the book. Thank you so much for your work. John

    • Hey John – I know from our interactions on Facebook that you’re now reading Ruin of Souls. Through that, you’ll learn about Michael Robishaw. He’s been helping me for years. During my last trip back to Massachusetts, I picked up four or five attachments. Most of them were energy drainers. They look for hosts to latch onto so they can pull their energy. They aren’t good and will eventually make you sick. Michael removed all of them, but it’s a temporary fix. More will come.

      I’d recommend that you read Dark and Scary Things: A Sensitive’s Guide to the Paranormal World next. In it, I talk about valuable tools you can use to help yourself stay protected. Most of the tips and tricks in there will work for most people. I am an extreme case, which you’ve learned about in Ghost Magnet. After you’ve read it, message me on Facebook and we can discuss it further. Michael can help you too.

      Thank you for the kind words about my books. I think part of the reason why I’m so often targeted is because I share what I’ve learned. If they’re hoping it’s a deterrent, they are wrong. I will continue to share the things I learn until the day I die. We have to all band together and help each other. If you learn something that you find helpful, I hope you will share it with me and with others as well. It is a true battle, but I believe that light is more powerful than darkness. We just have to keep the faith.

      • Thank you so much and sorry for the double posting. I hadn’t found your facebook page yet when I posted this.

  10. Yes Ma’am,
    I have read a couple of your books and enjoyed them. I’m presently reading dark And scary places. I’m hesitant to talk much of this but, a few years back I was involved in a assault on the job. The blows were to the left temple putting me out of work for 3.5 months. I lost much of my left ear hearing permanently as a result . Since that time, I have seen, heard ,and continue to sensve numerous things. Have you ever heard of this situation before? Honestly I can’t say I’m to happy with the results. I didn’t want this but I’m now certain it will never go away. It’s taken years to come to grips with this and I’ve seen some very dark things in dark places. I am very much a believer in Christ, I believe the Lord allows things in our lives for a reason. I have no idea what to do with this and am careful not to communicate with things. For whatever reason I appear to be largely sensitive to dark things. Alot of this has to do with the environment/area of which I’ve worked for many years. I’m really at a loss here and don’t care for it, I sure as hell can’t talk about it. My wife is understanding but it spooks her and I know she uncomfortable and fearful of it. Thank you and God Bless:)

    • I’m truly sorry you’re going through that. I know from experience how maddening it can be. I didn’t ask for my gifts either and spent most of my life running from them before I decided to fight back. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you can protect yourself. You need to learn how to ground and shield yourself firstly. After you’ve mastered that, you need to learn how to close your third eye down. You’ll read about that in Dark and Scary Things.

      I’ve heard stories about people who have had near death experiences which led to what you’re experiencing. I don’t know why it happens, but it does. Email me at Jonimayhan@gmail.com and we can talk more privately.

  11. Joni, I have a group of 7 ladies wanting to do the tour, but there is no indicator how many tickets are left for purchase on any given night. Can you advise, please? Thanks! Lisa M.

    • I have plenty of tickets left. I’ll sell 15 tickets for each night’s walk. I’m doing every walk except for the one on Saturday, October 21st, and Saturday, October 28th. I have my Haunted New Harmony investigations those nights and my friend Jason is handling those walks. Looking forward to seeing you!

  12. Joni, we’re thinking about signing up for the ghost walk next Friday night 10/13. First question is are there still openings, and how many? Second, our daughter is 2 1/2, do we have to pay the $15 for her? If not we will have 5 in our group. Thanks!

    • HI Chris! I have three spots left, but I will take an additional two. No charge for your daughter, but it might be a little boring for her. We do a lot of standing around talking in between the walking. Please purchase the remaining 3 tickets and then you can pay for the other two (cash please) at the event. Once you get the tickets, I’ll send you a welcome email with more details on where we’re meeting, etc.

  13. My husband and I want to attend the ghost walk on Oct. 27. I do not have Pay Pal and am hesitant to pay with credit card online. Help!

    • No worries. You can pay by check and give it to your tour guide. Just make it out to Joni Mayhan. Let me know for certain if you’re going though because I’ll need to put you on the roster.

      • We will be there. Jerry and Diana Liggett. Oct. 27, Friday
        I will bring a check or cash. Where do we meet the tour guide?
        Thanks so much!

    • Do not know if I was successful in contacting you via gmail.com. Let me now if you do not get my email address. Thanks!

  14. The Oct. 27 Ghost Walk was cancelled, but my husband and I drove about 90 minutes on that cold and rainy night because we did not receive an email about it being cancelled. We met a young couple from Fairfield, Illinois, and she texted you that the four of us were waiting outside the opera house. Within minutes, a woman drove up and apologized and said the session would be rescheduled. She also told us you were at the library giving a presentation on paranormal activity. We rushed over and heard most of it. We talked to you after the event , and you asked if we could go on the Saturday or Sunday evening walk. We had plans and could not attend either night. Are you rescheduling that walk? You even suggested that you could take my husband and me on a walk when it would work for all three.
    Like you, I like New Harmony. When I was taking Indiana History at Indiana State University many years ago, I wrote a 50- page paper on George Rapp and the Rappites. Maybe that is why I have such an affinity for the locale. I was going to expand that paper into a thesis until the day that my professor, a friend and I entered the Workingman’s Institute and saw a newly published book by Karl Arndt lying on the librarian’s desk. The author had access to German sources, and I knew then that my thesis idea would never be approved. I was right! After I found the necessary primary sources. I wrote my thesis on the Shaker settlement in Sullivan and Knox counties.
    Thank you for being so kind after your presentation. We would still enjoy a ghost walk someday. I still have a check made out to you for such.

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  16. Hi Joni, I just finished your book “The Devils Toy Box” and now starting “Ghost Magnet”. Just like to say we seem to have alot in common. I am a sensitive from time I was a child growing up in a big plantation type house in Georgia, haunted of course. After years of so many paranormal events and forseeing things I have realized I’m haunted! On another note I love cats and have worked with the Humane society. I have many of my own like you.I think it’s great you’ve wrote your books. I have some in my head I want to write someday. Just wanted to say hi! Thanks for the great reading!

    • Thank you, Vikki! That means a lot to me. You might also check out Dark and Scary Things: A Sensitive’s Guide to the Paranormal World. I think you’ll find it helpful. Best of luck to you and I hope you do write those books.

  17. My daughter and I planning on walking the haunted tour. What happens if it is raining? Do you email and reschedule?

    • Yes. I’ll email you from my yahoo account, the same account from where I sent you the welcome email when you signed up. If you didn’t see it, check your spam folder. It might have gone there.

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  19. any updates on the SK house in Gardner, MA? SK was my great great grandfather……we
    have a few items from the house and a story or two. All the family has left Gardner…but our kids and their children have been interested in visiting…if anyone is still there. thanks for
    Bones in the Basement…

  20. My ancestry landed in New Harmony, In back in the early 1800’s. I have a few pictures from there, of homes and Robert Owens, Dale Owens and family. My G.G. grandfather was a banker there, I think he may have absconded with some of their cash! there is one pic of a women club in someones home, I suspect my G.G. grandmothers….
    Anyway, I wonder about the spirits there in New Harmony, and what they would feel about the atrocities happening in our country today.

  21. I was in your ghost walk this past summer and videod inside of one of the vacant buildings to said had a lot of activity. I definitely caught something you’ll want to see. Let me know how to get the footage to you.

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