Do Your Ears Ring When a Ghost is Nearby?


For many years, I blamed my frequent ear-ringing on a common medical condition called Tinnitus. When I would hear the sound, which often ranged in pitch and tone, I would blame it on the loud music I listened to as a teenager. But then I began to notice something strange.

When I would turn my head, the sound would either get louder or softer and I would also get the unnerving sensation that someone was watching me. Was this truly tinnitus or was it something else?

10297756_10208596438887846_3588367893016507105_n(Above) My ears were definitely ringing at the Spider Gates Cemetery in Leicester, Massachusetts

After years of experimenting with this, I began to realize that I was actually hearing something that no one else could detect. I was hearing ghosts.

People who experience the paranormal through their hearing are Clairaudient. In Latin, this means “clear hearing.” Many people who are Clairaudient hear actual voices or music, while many others hear tones like I do.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, test it. Turn your head to see if the sound is constant or if it seems to originate from a specific direction. I can pinpoint the location of the ghost by using this ability, telling me where in the room the entity is standing. I’ve also learned to pull information about the ghost by the pitch of the tone.

For me, a very high crystalline pitch signifies a spirit, someone who has crossed over into the light. It might be a spirit guide or a family member coming to check on me. A tone that sounds more like fuzzy static is a ghost, someone who is earth-bound. Within this tone, the pitch might be high or low. A higher pitch is always connected to women or children entities. A lower pitch is usually attributed to a male entity.

As with many people, as I began working with my abilities instead of running from them, I began to grow stronger. New abilities began appearing, almost like magic. If I tuned into the tones, I began getting pictures in my mind of the ghost I was hearing. Over time, this advanced into pulling more information. After I tuned in, I would get the picture in my mind, but also began getting information about the person.

On one recent case, I was checking out an old house for a friend. I knew nothing about the location and warned my friend to remain quiet while I walked the premises.

Almost immediately, I began hearing a tone. It was high pitched, which meant it was female. I saw her as being an older woman with a roundish face and a button nose. I saw her carrying a black book with her, which I interpreted as being a Bible. I thought she might be a widow because I saw her alone. She was determined in life and retained that quality in death. I sat down later that night and drew the image I saw in my head. After I sent it to my friend, he was astonished. It looked very similar to a woman who had once lived in the house next door to his property. He confirmed that she was a widow and was very religious. She’s actually been seen in spirit-form inside the house before but was often accompanied by a special-needs daughter who she spent her life caring for. I didn’t see the daughter, but I often only see/feel one at a time, so this didn’t surprise me. The stronger ghost usually comes forward for me.

IMG_2673(Above) The photo of the ghost I drew side-by-side with the actual photograph of the woman who I might have seen. I doctored the image since she still has relatives in the area.

If you hear frequent ear-ringing, try the following tips:

  • Turn your head. If the sound remains constant, you probably have Tinnitus. If it doesn’t, you might be Clairaudient.
  • Try to find the source of the sound. Often times, there will be a cold spot in that location as well.
  • Watch your pets. My cats were excellent validation for me when I was first working on this ability. I would track the area the sound was coming from and then watch my cats, who were actively staring at the same spot.
  • If you have paranormal equipment, use this to communicate after you hear the ear-ringing. I’ve recorded many EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) on my digital voice recorder after pinpointing an active spot in the area. You might also get higher readings with an electromagnetic meter (EMF) in that spot.

As someone who is a bona fide ghost magnet, I feel the need to caution you about expanding any metaphysical abilities. As the ghosts become more visible to you, you also become more visible to them. Learn how to ground and shield yourself and always have a backup plan in place in case something follows you home.


Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and the best-selling author of 17 paranormal books. She also teaches Paranormal 101 classes in the town of New Harmony, Indiana. To learn more about Joni’s books, click on the photo below.

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6 thoughts on “Do Your Ears Ring When a Ghost is Nearby?

  1. I usually get buzzing in my ear like yesterday in school during 5th period i heard a high pitched buzzing sound in my left ear.

  2. This will sound crazy. I am a Science based agnostic. I encountered this exact experience. The difference was I was told this would happen if I entered a basement of a home and only if I put hands or pretended to attack the girl that lived there with her parents. She has seen an entity. I saw nothing. But if going into the basement with her and I pretended to attack her as she warned, I heard a jet engine like nothing I have ever heard. It was like a TV on static noise screaming in my hear. As soon as I went up the stairs it stopped. I went back down with her and did not touch her and nothing happened. I tested it again to make sure I was not crazy (it took big balls btw to do it again-it was terrifying) and it happened again-if I did not touch her nothing would happen, but I soon as I grabbed her the same thing happened. She said every once in a while it appears to her. Like I said, I saw nothing. My friend tried the exact same thing and he heard the same thing. He ran out of the house and will never go back into her place. I have never had this happen to me since then and I think it is very rare. I appreciate your story above, but I think whatever causes this or creates these noises is able to do so for anyone or any person they want to. I have maybe told 4 people this story. The only reason I am even posting this is a friend just described a similar noise in a house. He is a painter. His partner reported hearing the same noise: static like inscrutable source loud but w/o any real air pressure changes. It is like energy is being shot into your head and I think we just assume it has to do with our ears. Ill never know for sure, but I am the biggest skeptic on this planet but I have absolutely encountered this and just today I heard the same exact story from a friend. He described the noise perfectly. The house he was painting was of no particular importance with any kind of history (as far as he knows). If I had to guess, there must be senses we have that we do not understand and we are hearing reverb of events in the past. I just do not know but it seems unlikely a ghost sticks around to make these noises in our hears. They will know we cannot understand them. I think we are hearing energy or some other force of physics that I do not understand. Either way, it if happens to you, you will try to forget it and dismiss it by any means necessary but there is something to this. I cannot convince you I am not making this up, I would not believe me either, but I promise you, I have witnessed this first hand and it is f’ing terrifying. I hope you are wrong and its not people that have this skill but its a force that makes its presence known to anyone it wants to. I would go crazy if I encountered this regularly. It is frightening. I dont even know what I am typing this except after hearing my friends story today, it reminded of what happened. I have tried to explain this away with everything under the sun I cannot logically do it. If anyone else has ever had this happen, please post the circumstances. Thank you.

    • Hi Alex – I don’t think it’s crazy. People experience the paranormal in so many different ways. I’m currently writing a book about the various ways people feel/hear/smell/experience ghosts and would love to include this story if you’re comfortable with that. I’ve never had this happen to me personally, but I have talked to others who have experienced something similar. They’ll hear a loud roar. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Hi I have an employee who passed in 2012 his spirit (ghost) is still in the building. I hear him walking and whistling and I have seen him once as I was responding to a alarm going off he walked out of my office and went up the hallway he had no head. I did not tell anyone what I saw that night just that I saw him. We hired a new employee and one day he said to me. Who is whistling and coughing in the old kitchen he then told me that at night when he is locking the doors and walking the perimeter checking doors and windows that he see’s a ghost walking the hallways that has no head. Wow just what I saw. One employee who did not know him saw a full apparition and described him in great detail including his hat and sideburns. Some people see or hear nothing at all. We hired a person for his shift and one day I was changing light bulbs in a room and she says I’ve been here 5 years and have had no visits from Gary and you guys are making up stories. At that moment the lights started blinking and I said Gary stop messing with the lights they stopped blinking then there was a loud noise and the light fixture I was changing bulbs on the fixture cover snapped open and was moving back and forth on its hinges from the force of it being yanked open. Two days before he passed away he told me that he did not like a poster in my office that was given to me by former occupants of the building taken on Halloween and they were dressed as ghouls and zombies he said it frightened him and I should get rid of it. Sometime after he passed I was in my office and I could hear paper ripping I looked up and the poster was being ripped to shreds from the wall side. When the pieces fell on my desk they were ash. I have had many experiences over the years. To many to mention here.

  4. Hi , My Name Puvanesh From Malaysia..I Also Feel And Like Something Fishy In My Home..I Told To My Parents, A Ghost Was Stay In This House Disturbing Me Alot But My Parents Didn’t Believe Me And Never Talked About Me Good..

    When I Hear Something Ringing Sound , Dead Body Smell And Night Time Feel Bed With Me , I’m Still Abnormal..

    Now It’s Already 6 Years..My Parents Still Not Believe Me And Says I’m Mad..

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