Paranormal 101 Classes

I taught Paranormal 101 classes in Massachusetts for several years and am now bringing them to my new state of Indiana.

When I first began teaching these classes, I thought it would be a great part-time job for me and a chance to meet other paranormal enthusiasts. What resulted was completely unexpected. I ended up bringing together a group of people who became as close as family members.

Through the course of several years, we learned and grew together. Many of my students unlocked dormant gifts and went on to fully develop into talented psychic mediums. Others simply enjoyed learning and being in a judgment-free zone where they could openly discuss the events that had happened to them during their lifetimes.

Classes will be held at Black Lodge Coffee Roasters in historic New Harmony (610 Church Street) and are $25 per person. You must purchase a ticket in advance to attend. If you aren’t comfortable with PayPal, contact me at and we can discuss other payment options.

Class Schedule for 2019 coming soon!


4 thoughts on “Paranormal 101 Classes

  1. I came across this article on Facebook about signs loved ones are contacting you from beyond. I was curious if you are concerned for some sensitives who have not fully embraced or accepted their gift. Some people have said in the beginning of such a path, it can sometimes be almost dangerous to a sensitive who is not embracing the gift. As weird a question this being, I am a person that at a very young age could feel. I have had a multitude of experiences. Some were very scary in a negative negative way because of how strong the negative feeling was. Although a majority of the time I just can sense that I’m not by myself, but I also do not feel fear. One of the negative experiences I actually left the home. It was all too unnerving, and friends were terrified to be there. My first ever college dorm was extreme. I had lived there three months, and then I changed everything inside the door including adding carpet. During a break where I was one of five people in the building, it was my very first extremely intense experience. I went back to the dorms early after the holiday to meet my boyfriend. He was coming the following day. I was up putting together a picture collage is, putting them in frames, hanging things on the wall, everything was great. And it was like at the drop of a dime the room was ice cold. I had someone over my shoulder so intensely I could hardly move. But I just continued on as if everything was OK .This lasted for four hours. It started at 2 AM, and ended at 6 AM. I had a friend who used to nap in between classes in my dorm because his dorm is so far away. I came back from class one day and he was not there. He would never set foot in my dorm again, he said he woke up and he was being pinned down and he could not move for almost 2 full minutes. I said oh you probably just had a slight sleep paralysis, he said no, it was not like that. I could feel someone holding me down. I did not share my experience with him. But I always kind of wondered. We moved when I was five, and truthfully, things happened in that home, but always seemed peaceful, and starting when I went away to college I have had experiences with some homes I lived in and many others have been peaceful with no feelings. Come to find out, my great-grandmother, and my great aunts were both known as “see-ers”. We always joked about the linen closet ghost at the home we moved to when I was five. At one family dinner, as we are all grown, I made a comment that I believe that it really wasn’t a joke. Because it was more than just the closet to me. All of a sudden my niece looked at me and practically turned white. At that very moment, I knew that she knew what I knew as a very young child in that home. She lived with us for one year while my sister and brother-in-law built their house, she was 5 when she came. Needless to say, I have come to realize maybe I should embrace this. I am 36 years old now, in my life I have been approached by strangers telling me how many big blue eyes are surrounding me, that I was glowing with guardians. I actually bled out and died when I was studying abroad, and every doctor told me that they were about to call my death time and my heart just started beating and that they know they did not save me and they called me their little American miracle. One person approached me and said there must be many many protectors around me. I moved two years ago, and I have a daughter who is about to turn three. Two people of approached me about this set of lamps I have. I keep them in the garage currently because I had intentions of having them restored to their original state. They are pewter and very antique. I have a friend who says it glows and what is the story about this lamp. It just means everything to me because it was my grandmother’s. I have had mild experiences in this home. But my daughter started talking to someone, not an imaginary friend, she would stop in the same place, have this conversation, say OK bye. She even had a name. I had someone else tell me that there was a loop going on where it just repeats the same thing over and over in my backyard. But I was told that there is a strong presence in this home, a very heavy protector that wants to protect us. But there’s something negative, my daughter and I have felt it, and then that other presence started talking to my daughter, and we are not having negative encounters where my daughter is terrified and screaming no when I’m standing with her, I used to say I don’t want to see anything but I could feel the presence. With my daughter, I actually did want to see because she was terrified. She was just two years old. Although on one occasion I know I did see something. I just told myself I didn’t and that I was sleeping and probably dreamed it. I used to be a bartender, and I was helping a bar owner out by picking up two days a week for this guy. He had recently lost his brother who was the original owner of the bar whom I had never met in my life. And all of a sudden when I started working there, all kinds of activity started happening. And when I describe who I saw, everybody was freaking out because apparently that was the brother who died. Who’s a big jokester, he would have the payphone ring relentlessly even if I took it off the hook. He would pull my earlobe when nobody was there and I was making a lunch for a call in order. A girl brought it up to me when I was not working, I was sitting at the bar and as I explained to her what had happened and a lot of occasions, he started messing with the lights. These are not dimmer lights, it’s impossible for these lights to do it they were doing. Everybody said it was all me, but they were very freaked out and kind of scared when the light situation happened because it happened in front of 10 people. So, enough of the stories of experiences i have had, I have just been very interested in exploring the reality of what I know I have experienced. Especially because I play in a band, and all of a sudden our song is the theme of the paranormal group here in Detroit that did a film called the seekers, my lead singer was active in this movie too. I did not mention my personal experiences, I guess I sort of took it as a sign that maybe I should stop ignoring. Especially because I’ve had the hardest time with losing my grandmother who passed away 2002, I did not get to the funeral in time, I was 30 minutes too late. I have always felt I never got to say goodbye, I sob regularly because of how much I miss her. I lived in an apartment for four months that was across the street from where she was buried. Are used to go see her after work at 2:30 in the morning and just talk to her, have a beer with her, she cried to her house sorry I was. And to this day I still have a hard time. I lost my other grandmother the following year, and I made to her funeral, and I do miss her dearly, but the emotional overload I feel just talking about my other grandmother has never lightened. I was also curious if you believe this is just my own pure guilt, or is there truly unfinished business? I have recently connected with an old friend who is very gifted. She does not like to necessarily do the medium thing because of how exhausting it is for her. But she has always told me I had psychic crosses all over my hands, it’s in my blood, to believe what I feel. She also said she would be willing to come over to my house to at least be sure I may not be dealing with something truly negative, waiting for the right time. Having gone through quite a journey over these last two years medically, I guess I don’t want to feel I am a wide-open target for bad. I do not see my daughter talking very often at all to anyone anymore. Nor does she seem very fearful. So having giving you a dab love my life, I do not want to open up a can of worms I cannot close. I do want my daughter to be happy and safe for her whole life. But at least in her own home. I guess I would love to hear your take, or maybe hear your opinion. Someone has said I should do an EVP recording, I have chose not to yet because I was told before that I could be an open target considering I have yet to fully embrace anything I’ve experienced or been through in my life. And sometimes you don’t want to dabble unless you are fully secure of yourself if you are someone who may be a sensitive. I also am curious if there maybe entities attached to some items I may own. Or have received or passed down to me. You seem a very true person who does not take this world as a joke, I guess I was just curious to hear a little information or advice from someone who has educated herself and has learned a lot in your life about this. I apologize for the length of this, but I do hope it can be read. Thank you, and have a beautiful day

    • It most definitely sounds like you have a gift. As I’ve found, it doesn’t help to repress it. Some people have been successful shutting it down, but most of us will still have it for the rest of our lives. I chose to embrace my gift and proceeded to learn everything I could about it. Learning how to stay protected is key. Start with that. Read everything you can get your hands on, attend classes, work with psychic mediums. Best of luck to you.

      • Hello,, I am just wondering why recently before my mother in law died, I feel different.. It’s like, even if I’m alone, I feel someone is with me.. And then, 3 and a half hours before she died, while I’m folding the clothes, I felt like someone jumped at my back trying to scare me.. So I screamed.. Ang when I looked around, I am alone in the room, my friend is in her room..

      • It’s not always easy to figure out. I would warrant a guess and say that someone else who’s departed was with you and was giving you a warning. Think about the other people who have passed and might have wanted you to know.

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